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When you have three or four things on a list, you tend to worry about the biggest hurdles first. However, overlooking those small details can come back to bite you in the long run. Preventing pests on your Westminster, CO property can trip you up in the same way. You may have a thousand other problems more pressing than tiny pests, but you might wind up regretting not taking a few minutes to find out how to prevent them properly.
Luckily, the pest control professionals at White Knight Pest Control are here to help. No matter what pest issues you might be facing or where the technicians at White Knight have all the tools and experience you need to protect your property from invasive pests now and in the future.

Residential Pest Control In Westminster, CO

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Many of the Westminster residents know how to maintain their properties. With pristine lawns and well-decorated homes, Westminster neighborhoods are an attractive collection of real estate. Unfortunately, the local climate forces pests indoors for winter, so we have to deal with them all year round. 
With an abundance of bugs in the summer and many insects fighting to survive by invading our homes in the winter, it seems like we can never quite get out in front of insect and rodent problems. Allowing pests to infiltrate your home unchecked can expose you to health risks and costly home damage. Many pests and rodents will chew on stored items, AC ducts, electrical wiring, and more, not to mention the insanely high repair bills that almost always go hand-in-hand with a termite infestation. 
While home damage is concerning enough, many of the same pests, like roaches and rodents, can also bring serious diseases into your home. If you value your home and health, it may be time to revisit your stance on enlisting professional pest control services.
Simply put, if you want to protect yourself and your family from the damages and dangers pests present to homes they infest, there’s only one real option: contact White Knight Pest Control for a comprehensive residential pest control plan.

Commercial Pest Control In Westminster, CO

Unfortunately, Westminster, CO homeowners aren’t the only ones who have to worry about pest and rodent problems. Local businesses have to deal with just as many infestation issues, if not more. No matter what kind of business you run, if you’re a Westminster business owner, you can never be too careful when it comes to pest invasions.
When pests get into your business, they are not only a threat to your inventory and other stored items, but they can also slow down productivity. Factory workers who have to stop what they’re doing because there are ants all over the equipment will not be as productive as you need them to be, and kitchen workers who have to take time to chase down roaches won’t add value to your operation either. And never forget, if a customer sees a pest, it can ruin your hard-earned reputation quicker than almost anything else.
Fortunately, White Knight Pest Control is in the business of keeping you in business against the pests that could damage your property, your employees, and your reputation. Our preventative measures are environmentally friendly and won’t interrupt your workflow. Plus, we have on-call technicians who can solve a pest problem before the customers have to see it. Contact us today and find out why a comprehensive commercial pest control plan from White Knight might be the perfect way to protect your business. 

Reasons Silverfish Invade Westminster, CO Homes

Silverfish are one of the most common home-invading pests in the United States, but that doesn’t make them any less terrifying. With bodies that look like a cross between a shrimp and a lobster (shrunken down to the size of a thumbnail), these unique silver pests can be very frightening in appearance.
What attracts them to your home is moisture buildup. That’s why they frequent the most humid areas of your home like bathrooms, basements, and crawl spaces. When you allow moisture to build up by not properly ventilating your home or monitoring your pipes for leaks, then you can get overrun with these tiny pests in a hurry. 
Since they’re so small, they can be difficult to see and even more difficult to get rid of. However, with professional help from White Knight Pest Control, you can create a silverfish-free environment for certain. Contact us today for more information about how our professional pest treatments can keep your home free from silverfish and other invasive pests.

Things They Do Not Teach You In School About Termites In Westminster, CO

While termites are well-known for the damage they can do to your house, many homeowners aren’t aware of how this damage occurs. Most of the severe damage caused by termites is done after the six-month mark, so it’s essential to see the signs early. If you notice winged termites flying together on your property, sawdust near your baseboards, or tightening of the doors and windows, it’s time to call the professionals for termite eradication methods that work as quickly as possible.
What you also may not know about termites is that moisture damage can attract them onto your property before anything else since they love feeding on moistened, rotting wood over anything else. While preventing moisture buildup on your property might help you limit your chances of a termite infestation, there is no guaranteed method apart from professional solutions. 
From preventing termites to saving your home from silverfish, the experts at White Knight Pest Control can help you keep your home and family safe. Contact us today and find out why a professional termite treatment plan from White Knight is the perfect solution to keep termites away from your home for good.


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