Four Signs Your Houston Home Has A Bed Bug Problem

a bed bug infestation on sheets

When you have trouble sleeping in your Houston home, what do you think is keeping you awake? Is it stress? Nerves? Nightmares? Sometimes, when trying to quiet our minds, our imagination can run wild, making it feel like there might just be bugs in our bed, crawling in the sheets among us. But if you really did have bed bugs — would you be able to tell?

Spotting An Infestation Early

Bed bugs may not be the most harmful pests; they’ve never been linked to bacteria transfer; however, when homeowners allow an infestation to linger for too long, many health issues can pop up. Prolonged bed bug infestations can often lead to skin damage from excessive scratching, insomnia, and even anemia that remains long after the problem has been solved. 
That’s why spotting an infestation early on is so crucial. So what’s the best way to do that? Bed bugs are incredibly small, only five millimeters or so, and are usually light gray. Since they blend into most furniture cushions, they can be very hard to see. Plus, they usually only come out to feed at night, as they are very slow-moving and must wait until you are still to begin feeding. However, you should be able to notice the signs of an infestation before you actually see these tiny pests. Keep in mind that bed bugs can infest any furniture and will typically spread out to all areas of your home. Be on the lookout for the following signs:

  • Bed bug bites: The itchy, red bumps are one of the first signs you’ll notice. These bites are often in a straight-lined or zig-zagged pattern.
  • Rust-colored rings: In the case of a severe infestation, bed bug excrement will collect and form these large rings.
  • Bloodstains: Bed bugs feed on your blood through tubes, so tiny blood droplets will often spill as they feed. If you notice very small bloodstains on your mattress, bedsheets, or furniture, you most likely have an infestation.
  • Musty odors: When bed bugs infest a piece of furniture in large numbers, their excrement will begin to smell and should be noticeable.

Getting Rid Of Them… For Good

Even when homeowners do manage to spot the signs of a bed bug infestation, they’ll often make a very crucial mistake — they try to get rid of them on their own. Now, it’s understandable because bed bugs can be such an inconvenience. There is really nothing you can do to keep them out. As talented hitchhikers, they’ll usually enter your home on luggage or used furniture, so you have to be careful to check these items before bringing them into your home. 
Caution is key because, once you do have an infestation, it is very difficult to erradicate all of them yourself. When they pop up suddenly, your first instinct is to find a quick way to get rid of them before you have to lay your head down in bed that evening. However, the home remedies suggested on the internet will only make the problem worse. 
You see, many people will try a store-bought spray, a homemade mixture, or just a vacuum, but these methods only serve to get the pests off of the surface of the furniture. When more bed bugs arise from within the cushions or mattress, you’ll likely begin a cycle of frustration and insomnia that plagues many homeowners who deal with infestations themselves. That’s why there’s no substitute for professional help. If you do spot signs of bed bug activity, call the professionals at White Knight Pest Control right away.