The Damage Weeds Can Do To Your Salt Lake City Lawn

green blades of grass up close

If you’ve ever spent an afternoon carefully spreading fertilizer, tilling the soil, and meticulously manicuring your lawn, you know how heartbreaking an outbreak of weeds can be. You do your best to make your lawn a green haven for you and your family to enjoy. But stubborn weeds can threaten the health of your grass and make achieving that perfect lawn impossible. Here’s what you need to know about weeds in Salt Lake City and the damage they can do.

About Weeds

Broadly speaking, weeds are any intrusive plant that is undesirable for one reason or another. You might know a few common invaders like dandelions, thistle, and crabgrass. Weeds can be defined as plants that are growing where they aren’t wanted, sown unintentionally, or just interfering with human activity. While some flowering weeds can be beneficial to the bees and wasps in your yard, they tend to cause more harm than good. There are a few features most weeds have in common:

  • Weeds produce a large number of seeds that spread easily.
  • Weed populations grow quickly.
  • Seeds can survive for long periods of time.
  • Weeds can grow in environments where other plants can’t.

Weeds are bad news for your lawn because they deprive your grass of the nutrients they need to thrive. Weeds can sap nitrogen from the soil, suck up valuable water, and bully your grass from catching enough sunlight by taking up space. And if you’ve got a home garden or vegetable patch, weeds can weaken your crops and make them more susceptible to disease and predatory pests.

How To Spot Weed Problems

For the most part, weeds have no problem making their presence known. You’ll probably be able to notice the weeds growing in your yard by their appearance. But dry, dying grass can also be a clue to the presence of weeds. As weeds grow, they steal the nutrients from competing plants, causing harm to your grass.

Broadleaf weeds like dandelions can be easily spotted by their size and characteristics. However, some grassy weeds are less easy to identify, and attempting to control them can cause unwanted harm to your lawn. This is because grassy weeds grow alongside your turfgrass and aren’t easily identifiable until the problem is mature and widespread. So, unfortunately, you could have a weed problem and not even realize it.

Controlling Weeds

Despite the problems weeds cause, they can be controlled with the right methods. Here’s a look a few of the best ways to control weeds on your lawn:

  • Start with a healthy lawn – The thicker and healthier your lawn is, the less likely weeds are to occur. Regular fertilizing, seeding and mowing are important to implement.
  • Improve growing conditions – Weeds are often a sign of poor growing conditions for your lawn. Low sunlight, acidic soil, or lack of water can all impact lawn growth and allow weeds to thrive.
  • Mow regularly – Simply mowing the lawn regularly can reduce the presence of weeds. Mowing flowering weeds like dandelions before they can spread their seeds can prevent weeds from taking over your lawn.
  • Use a lawn service – Professional lawn services have the techniques and tools to make sure your lawn grows as green as possible while keeping weeds at bay.

At White Knight Pest Control, we keep your lawn looking its best with recurring fertilization treatments, gopher control, and weed control. No matter the season, we’ll ensure that your lawn is healthy and lush so you and your family can enjoy quality time outdoors. For protection from damaging weeds on your lawn, get in touch with us today.