What Not To Do About Termites On Your Fort Worth, TX Property

a termite colony crawling in wood

Let's face it, there are a lot of pests that people in Fort Worth never want to deal with. With that being said, there are some pests like termites that have earned their own reputation as especially troublesome for property owners.

The main reason for this is because termites are nearly unmatched when it comes to property damage and how much it costs in repairs to fix the problem. There are two ways termites cause damage. These ways are:

  • Structural Damage: Since termites eat the wood that makes up the very structure of your property, it's understandable this would cause structural damage. This type of damage is highly dangerous for the people residing on the property. Fortunately, this type of damage is often covered by insurance, but when it's not the cost can be in the thousands, if not, tens of thousands to repair.
  • Cosmetic Damage: This type of damage is noticed more quickly, but it's not always attributed to termites. Some signs of this type of damage look like bubbling paint, warped floors, and other similar issues. Usually, cosmetic damage is not covered by insurance, which means thousands of dollars out of your pocket.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself)  Solutions And Their Effectiveness

Since the potential cost is so high, a lot of people will attempt to handle the termite infestation on their own instead of seeking professional assistance. Some common DIY methods include:

  • Orange Oil Treatments: This oil is supposed to be a natural way to eliminate pests thanks to the oil called d-Limonene. However, this application only lasts for a few days. Plus, the treatment needs to reach every termite to be effective, which is nearly impossible. More importantly, this treatment doesn't stand alone and needs to be paired with other treatments for any long-lasting result.
  • Termite Bait And Bait Stations: These stations can be installed above or below ground level and are meant to be consumed by termites. They are then taken back to the colony. This spreads the termiticide to the rest of the colony. At best, they suppress the colony but don't eliminate the colony.
  • Termite Sprays: These are more portable than stations and do eliminate the termites. However, this method requires knowing exactly where the termites are since a direct application is necessary. As such, this is largely ineffective compared to the size of a termite colony.

Termite Prevention Tips

If you want to remain protected, the best thing to do is to stick to tried and true prevention tips. Keep in mind these won't help in the face of an existing infestation. Try the following tips:

  • Inspect The Foundation: Do you see decaying wood or wood that's moist along the foundation? That type of situation is ideal for termites and needs to be repaired immediately if you want a chance of keeping termites away.
  • Secure The Entry Points: This pest is tiny and can fit through equally tiny holes or gaps. Secure these entry points and it's one less way for termites to harm your property.
  • Proper Wood Storage: Termites like wood. Store any excess lumber away from the home. This also holds true for firewood. The less wood around your home, the less attractive your home will be for this pest.

Termite Protection From White Knight Pest Control

Our team at White Knight Pest Control is here for you whether you're facing an active termite problem or are ready to take preventative action. We bring expertise and the proper tools to identify and evaluate for termite activity, behavior, elimination, and prevention.

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