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Fort Worth is a large, modern city located in North Central Texas and is known for its cattle ranching industry and old West-themed entertainment. Although our city has made many advancements since the old west days, residents in our area still deal with pest problems. Give your Fort Worth home or business the protection it needs by partnering with the technicians here at White Knight Pest Control. We’ll work with you to eliminate your pest problems and prevent them from returning. Get in touch with our skilled pest professionals today to ask about all of our commercial and residential pest control options. 

Residential Pest Control In Fort Worth, TX

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A house doesn’t feel like a home if you have to share it with unwanted pest intruders. Unfortunately, many pests invade residential properties seeking food, water, and shelter, which is why it’s important to implement an ongoing home pest control plan from White Knight Pest Control. As a family-owned and operated pest control provider, we understand the unique pest pressures that residents in our area face each day. We have what it takes to provide complete, year-round protection for your Fort Worth home. We design our monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly pest control plans to eliminate existing pest threats and prevent new pests from getting into your home in the future.

At White Knight Pest Control, we care about protecting your home and family from the many problems pests cause, which is why we’ve made it our goal to provide the most comprehensive residential pest control services possible. Give us a call today to learn how we can keep your Fort Worth home pest-free!

Commercial Pest Control In Fort Worth, TX

Your commercial property needs professional pest control services just as much as your home does. Although a few insects here and there might not seem like a huge issue, pest infestations are a major cause for concern for Forth Worth business owners. Not only can pests damage your property, destroy products, and spread harmful diseases, but they can also drive away your customers and give your business a bad reputation. To protect your commercial property from the area’s toughest pests, the technicians here at White Knight Pest Control are proud to provide comprehensive commercial pest control plans. Our commercial pest control process begins with an inspection to identify current pest activity and areas of concern. Then we’ll develop a plan to meet the needs of your business, schedule, and pest situation. Contact White Knight Pest Control today for more information about our commercial pest control solutions. 

Ant Prevention Tips For Residents In Fort Worth, TX

Ants are small insects that live together in large underground nests. Although most ant colonies contain only thousands of individual ants, some colonies can have millions, depending on the species. As the number one most common pests to invade homes and businesses throughout the United States, ant infestations are challenging to control and prevent. One of the best things you can do to avoid an ant infestation is to remove all the factors that could attract them to your Fort Worth property. Keep ants away from your home or business by utilizing the ant prevention tips listed below:

  • Minimize food sources — Keep your kitchen, floors, and countertops free of crumbs, store food items in airtight containers, pick up uneaten pet food, and dispose of your garbage regularly.

  • Minimize sources of excess moisture — Repair leaking pipes, keep your crawlspaces well-ventilated, install dehumidifiers, and ensure your downspouts direct water away from your foundation.

  • Minimize entry points Seal cracks in your foundation, install door sweeps, and ensure the weather stripping on your windows is intact. 

Ants are great foragers and will stop at nothing to lead their colonies to an accessible food source. The most effective way to identify, control, and prevent ant infestations is with the help of the experienced technicians here at White Knight Pest Control. Reach out to us today to learn more about our ant control and treatment methods

Signs Of Termite Damage In Fort Worth, TX

No one wants to discover termites in their Fort Worth home or business. However, this is an unfortunate reality for many property owners in Fort Worth and throughout Texas. Invading termites can inflict thousands of dollars worth of damage to your property without being detected, which means it’s important to keep an eye out for the signs they leave behind. Signs of termite damage may include:

  • Cracks in your ceiling. 

  • Small, pinpoint holes in your drywall.

  • Visible maze-like patterns in your furniture and walls.

  • Peeling, bubbling, or chipping paint that resembles water damage.

  • Excessively squeaky our bowing floorboards.

  • Mud tubes on your exterior walls and foundation.

  • Piles of discarded wings around your property, often resembling fish scales.

  • “Clouds” of termite swarmers flying around your property.

If you believe termites live in or around your Fort Worth property, don’t hesitate to contact White Knight Pest Control. We’re ready to solve all of your termite control needs by utilizing effective termite treatments. Contact us today to get started!


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