Six Easy & Effective Silverfish-Prevention Tips For San Antonio Property Owners

silverfish crawling on a bathroom floor

A pest doesn’t have to be directly harmful to your health in order to be a big deal on your San Antonio property. We call them “pests” for a reason, after all. Silverfish, which are common and destructive pests, are a good example of nuisance pests that can be incredibly hard to deal with. Learning all you can about silverfish activity and prevention can save you from having to find out the hard way why even harmless pests are no fun to have around.

Silverfish: What You Need To Know

Silverfish are small insects, not fish at all. Their name comes from their scale-like metallic coloration as well as their fishy way of moving to and fro as they walk. While they are harmless to people and pets, not known to bite or spread any illnesses, they can damage household items and be a nightmare to get rid of. Silverfish forage for food, meaning they will attack and contaminate stored food sources or scour for crumbs and spills. But they can also survive on the fibrous materials found in leather and some blended fabrics, making them a menace for furniture and upholstery. Only proper prevention can help you keep them from destroying your property.

What Attracts Silverfish?

Silverfish, like most pests, are attracted to human properties because of the shelter and sustenance that they provide. Because of this, it’s important to address factors that might attract silverfish to your property:

  • Moisture: Silverfish aren’t aquatic but they do like damp environments. They specifically seek moist areas, so proper pipe maintenance and ventilation are key. 
  • Food storage: Silverfish will forage for food, meaning you should keep it stored in secure locations and sturdy containers. 
  • Trash storage: Take care how you store your trash, as accessible bins and bags can provide silverfish with a meal.

Silverfish Prevention Tips & Tricks

Taking care to address attractants will make your property less appealing to silverfish looking for easy meals and nesting grounds. But even the shelter that your home provides from the cold night can be enough to force silverfish in. Here are ways to make your home impenetrable to encroaching pests:

  • Crack sealing: Even small holes or cracks in your exterior can provide tiny pests with a way in. Frequently inspect and maintain your walls to address potential access points.  
  • Windows: Caulking up cracks won’t do anything if your window screens have tears in them that bugs can crawl through. Replace and maintain your window screens to keep this from happening. 
  • Doors: Another frequent source of excess space that bugs can crawl under is the space beneath a door jamb. Install door sweeps or weather stripping to reduce these open spaces.

Total Silverfish Control From White Knight

Even if you take all of the above steps, you might still find yourself with a pest problem. Silverfish are good at finding ways inside, and they can hide from detection for weeks before you even notice they’re there. This time that they have to grow and mature, unimpeded, can lead to a problem you cannot solve on your own. Professional solutions are your best bet to not only remove silverfish but to keep them off your property in the first place. At White Knight Pest Control, our friendly staff can get started right away on an inspection to determine attracting factors or existing pest problems. We’ll work with you to address any issues we find and, if silverfish are already multiplying, our solutions are guaranteed to remove them. 
Don’t wait until it’s too late to address silverfish. Get started on total pest control today by contacting White Knight Pest Control.