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A small but growing suburb in Salt Lake City, West Jordan, UT is a truly special town. With unique landmarks and historic communities, it is filled with people from all backgrounds and cultures. As the fourth largest city in the state, West Jordan, UT is growing faster than ever before. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy vistas of rugged desert beauty, snow-capped mountains, and the neon lights of nearby Salt Lake City.

Many fantastic features accompany living in West Jordan, UT, especially the beautiful scenery. Yet, despite the deep winters and rocky landscape of this town, there are wild, dangerous things lurking just out of sight. Cockroaches, termites, and ants lie in wait for a chance to break into your home. Mice and rats will jump at the opportunity to raid your food and water supplies. What’s worse, bed bugs and mosquitoes are waiting patiently to latch, bite, and feed on unsuspecting human victims.

White Knight Pest Control believes that West Jordan, UT residents are waging an invisible war against pests every single day. By offering outstanding pest controls, friendly customer services, and aggressive pest treatments, our team does our part to keep West Jordan, UT homes safe, clean, and pest-free. Over 11 years of pest control services have allowed us to care for more than 65,000 homes, ridding the world of pest scourges one treatment at a time. Get the help you deserve right away by calling the team at White Knight Pest Control as soon as possible.

Residential Pest Control In West Jordan, UT

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At White Knight Pest Control, we understand just how precious your ‘castle’ is to you. A home, a safe space, a travel destination, and a party location are just a few of the titles your property carries. That’s why the implications of a household pest infestation are more than a little severe.

From our knights to your home, here are the ways we make our residential pest control services perfect for everyone:

  • Three unique plans, including monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly services, allow us to treat your pest needs in a customized way.

  • We take a full two hours during our initial home inspections, providing the perfect amount of time for questions, answers, and servicing.

  • We’re committed to nothing but excellence with a service guarantee on all annual plans, taking additional stress off your mind with every visit.

See White Knight Pest Control in action by calling or visiting the West Jordan, UT branch today.

Commercial Pest Control In West Jordan, UT 

A residential ‘castle’ is one thing to protect, but guarding your West Jordan, UT business from pest activity is another thing entirely. At White Knight Pest Control, we believe in coming alongside our commercial pest control customers and servicing them right where they're at. We offer a wide range of integrated pest control services, including cultural and preventative controls. We also provide regularly scheduled services at your convenience that keep the pressure on pest invaders throughout the year.

Our team loves servicing West Jordan, UT businesses in dozens of unique industries that include:

  • Office spaces and retail locations

  • Schools and universities

  • Foodservice and warehouses

  • Medical facilities and treatment homes

Discover how effective White Knight Pest Control can be in your West Jordan, UT business by getting in touch with our team now.

West Jordan, UT Homeowner's Guide To Avoiding Ticks  

If you live in West Jordan, UT, you already know that ticks are an inescapable fact of life. Deep areas of wilderness, coupled with wildlife and human hiking hosts, allow these arachnids to grow and spread into backyards near you.

Thankfully, there are some steps West Jordan, UT residents can take right now to avoid tick activity during the active season:

  • Keep the yard well maintained, especially by cutting grass and pruning bushes.

  • Wear long-sleeved clothing while outdoors, even when the weather is warm.

  • Apply regular tick treatments to pets.

It is important to note that mitigation is not the same thing as prevention or treatment. If ticks are already present on your West Jordan, UT property, it's imperative to schedule an appointment with White Knight Pest Control today.

Three Things You Should Know About Bed Bugs In West Jordan, UT

Bed bugs are not just itchy home invaders, although some homeowners make the mistake of thinking they are. There are three important things that West Jordan, UT residents should know about bed bug activity:

  • Bed bugs may cause anemia, secondary infections, and insomnia in victims.

  • Bed bugs do not require a dirty home to infest.

  • Bed bugs can go up to one year without feeding on a blood meal.

If you are concerned that bed bugs will cause problems for your safe West Jordan, UT home, call upon the technicians at White Knight Pest Control for effective bed bug solutions.


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