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Located on the western side of Phoenix, Tolleson is a small suburb in Arizona’s most populous county. Being so close to an urban center means there’s plenty of reasons for pest populations to target Tolleson properties. Only ongoing, comprehensive pest control can truly keep you protected. Learn how White Knight Pest Control can shield you from infestations.

Home Pest Control In Tolleson, AZ

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As much as we don’t like to think about pests coming into our homes, the truth is that infestations are more common than most people realize. And worrying about them is part of how we make sure pests are never a problem. But instead of doing all the worrying yourself, share the burden with pest control experts who know a thing or two about prevention. At White Knight Pest Control, we’ve been helping homeowners protect their properties since 2006. We know that a pest problem is a pressing one for you, so we act fast to address your level of risk. We offer residential pest control based on the frequency that you require:

  • Monthly: Our most rigorous service is once a month, which is ideal for large properties that see a lot of activity every week.

  • Bi-Monthly: Still frequent but less aggressive than our monthly services, these bi-monthly visits are good for keeping on top of pest problems year-round.

  • Quarterly: Also referred to as our “maintenance treatments,” this style of general pest control is about addressing seasonal concerns and generally inspecting your home for issues.

No matter which service package you opt for, we’re certain that we can help you and your home. Contact White Knight Pest Control today to get started on your free consultation and so we can schedule an inspection that matches you to the services that best fit your home.

Commercial Pest Control In Tolleson, AZ

You work hard enough to keep your business healthy without pests coming along and spoiling your efforts. Not only can pests affect the health of your business, by introducing diseases or other health problems, but an infestation can also be a financial burden. Pest problems don’t just go away on their own, and far too many property owners go with costly but ineffective products. Rather than flushing your money down the drain, go with pest control that works. At White Knight Pest Control, we know that a threat to your business is a serious one, so we act fast to tailor services to your schedule and budget. Here are some other reasons why you should turn to White Knight:

  • Customized Service: No two properties are alike and each business does things uniquely. That’s why our first step is getting to know your business, so we can match solutions to fit your situation.

  • Organic Treatments: Some businesses can’t have chemical agents sprayed around their perimeter, and some property owners simply prefer green solutions. That’s why we offer organic solutions upon request.

  • Flexible Scheduling: We know that interruptions to your daily activities can be a huge burden, which is why we work around your schedule and always do things in the least disruptive way possible.

To keep your business thriving, contact White Knight Pest Control today to get started on overall pest control.

How To Keep Flies Away From Tolleson, AZ Restaurants

While pests can happen to anyone, few properties get targeted by pests as much as restaurants do. It makes sense that a location where food is stored, cooked, served, and thrown away would be a magnet for pests. Some of the most common restaurant invaders are flies, which are attracted by the aromas of food and the bustle of human activity. That’s why it pays for local restaurateurs to know how they can keep flies out and prevent populations from invading in the first place:

  • Trash Storage: Proper food storage is a constant struggle for restaurants, but don’t forget about proper trash storage, too. Making sure scraps are disposed of properly, in secure bins, is essential.

  • Windows And Doors: With customers constantly coming in and out, doors provide flies with a quick way to slip inside. Flies will also utilize a torn window screen to access your interior. You can address both of these with proper maintenance and planning.

  • Treatments: The simplest way to keep flies away is with thorough treatments of your exterior, which ward off future populations from even getting near.

For assistance identifying the factors that attract flies, or to get started on pest control that’s the most effective at repelling pests, contact White Knight Pest Control today.

Here’s Why Pro Termite Control Is The Best Choice For Homes In Tolleson, AZ

The last thing anyone wants is a termite infestation. The last thing someone with a termite infestation wants is to notice it too late. Unfortunately, termites are far more common than people realize, and the signs aren’t as obvious as we may like them to be, either. Instead, termites can toil away within your walls or beneath your floorboards for weeks or months without you even realizing it. By then, they’ve done irreversible damage to your property and wound up costing you a lot of money. That’s why it’s better to go with professional termite control right away than be sorry you didn’t later.

At White Knight Pest Control, we know what to look for when inspecting a property, which makes routine termite inspections a necessary part of making sure problems aren’t forming without you knowing. Our experts can also help you identify and address attractants or access points that might make your home more at-risk. If you already have a termite problem, professional methods are the only way of making sure they’re properly and completely addressed. Don’t waste time on self-administered products, contact White Knight Pest Control right away for prompt termite elimination and prevention.


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