The Key To Protecting Your Denver Home From Termites

Denver is home to subterranean termites. Subterranean termites are the most destructive termites in the United States and they cost U.S. property owners billions of dollars in repair costs every year. Why are they so destructive? Because subterranean termites are sneaky. Let's take a look at their sneaky behavior and discuss a few ways you can protect your Denver property from these stealthy pests.

Detecting Workers

huge termite infestation

It is difficult to detect subterranean termite workers. These insects avoid the light. While workers are completely blind, they have the ability to detect light. This sense lets them know when they are getting close to the surface of wood. As they feed on your home, they stay hidden inside the wood. You could have millions of termites in your home right now and not know it. If you want to detect worker termites, you need to know where to look for them. Here are a few suggestions:

  • When termite workers come to your foundation walls, they may have to create above-ground tunnels to get to your wood. These tunnels are called shelter tubes, or mud tubes. They may be as thin as a pencil or several feet thick if numerous tunnels are built in one location. If you find a single tunnel, it is likely to have a zig-zag appearance that may resemble a river or chain lightning shape.

  • If you have a log, stump, or a tree with heart rot, you may be able to cut into this wood and find worker termites inside.

  • If you have a woodpile, wooden pallet, wood crates, or some other wooden objects in your yard, you may find worker termites underneath.

  • If you have a crawl space under your home, this dark space may have termites near the surface. Digging into the soil could reveal them.

  • If you have mulch near your home, workers may be visible where the mulch touches the soil.

Detecting Swarmers

It is difficult to detect termite swarmers unless you have a current and mature infestation. Swarmers are about 3/8 of an inch long. If one lands on your skin, it is easy to brush it away and not give it a second thought. If a tiny, dark-colored insect with long white wings lands on you, look to see if those wings have a stretched-out teardrop shape. If so, you're probably looking at a termites swarmer. You could see one before termites begin to damage your home, but it is highly unlikely. Usually, termite swarmers are noticed when there is a large group of them. As their name implies, swarmers gather in a swarm, and hundreds of white-winged insects are hard to miss no matter how small they are. But seeing a swarm is not good. Swarms don't travel far. If you find lots of swarmers in your yard, or in your home, it is an indication that there is a nest somewhere on your property or near your property. And it takes years for a nest to produce swarmers, so it is likely that the nest that sent swarmers out is a mature nest.

Detecting Damage

It is difficult to detect termite damage because they do most of it on the inside of wood. You may, however, uncover termite damage by looking in dark, damp locations, or digging soil away from fence posts or deck supports. The damage termites cause will look like trenches carved into the wood.

Over time, damage can appear inside your home. You may notice paint starting to bubble, or indentations appearing in baseboards. You may have floors that start to sink or walls that start to bulge. Your windows may start to open and close without any resistance, or your doors may start to stick. This kind of damage is not helpful. By the time you see damage like this, it is far too late to protect your property from significant damage.

Here are a few termite prevention tips you may find helpful:

  • Invest in termite control.

  • Remove wood sources from your yard.

  • Refrain from burying wood in your yard.

  • Reduce moisture around your home.

  • Rake up leaves, sticks, and other organic debris.

  • Address any wood-to-soil contact.

Termite Protection

Remember that White Knight Pest Control provides effective termite damage prevention for property owners in Denver. We use industry-leading solutions to keep your investment protected from the destructive impact of subterranean termites. Reach out to us and request a consultation to learn more.