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Located just south of Phoenix, the city of Tempe, Arizona, is filled with friendly people, respected academia, and exciting art and culture scene. It makes sense why people come here from around the country. Not all of our visitors are welcome, however. Pest activity is a threat here in Tempe, and local property owners should beware of the dangers that come with an infestation. There are serious health and safety risks associated with a pest infestation, which is why the safest thing to do is reach out to pest professionals.

That’s where the team at White Knight Pest Control comes in. We are a trusted pest control company that has been providing thorough pest solutions throughout Texas, Utah, and Colorado since 2006. Our dedication to customer service and lasting client relations mean we take the time to give you personalized attention and care. Our team of highly trained pest technicians is dedicated to your complete safety and satisfaction. Get in touch with us to discuss your pest control needs today.

Home Pest Control In Tempe, AZ

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Owning a home isn’t easy, especially when you consider all of the outside threats that you need to guard yourself against. One of these threats is pest activity, and a household infestation can be very dangerous for your property and your loved ones. If you want to effectively guard your home and your loved ones from the dangers of infestation, it’s a good idea to rely on the pros. White Knight Pest Control is at your service!

We’re proud to provide dependable residential pest control solutions that local homeowners can rely on. We use environmentally friendly pest products and trusted IPM (Integrated Pest Management) strategies to tackle the infestation at its core, effectively protecting your property in the future. In addition to our basic pest services, we specialize in pest control for mosquitoes, bed bugs, termites, ants, and German cockroaches.

Commercial Pest Control In Tempe, AZ

Commercial pest infestation is a true nightmare that no business owner wants to face. Unfortunately, it’s a reality here in Arizona, and that puts your entire operation in danger. The best, most effective way to protect your business from the dangers of an infestation is to contact the team at White Knight Pest Control. Our commercial pest solutions give local business owners complete protection from infestation.

After completing a detailed inspection of the facility, we’ll come up with a treatment plan just for you. Once we complete treatment, we’ll return monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly for regular follow-up visits. All of our services are completely guaranteed, and we offer any necessary re-service within one to two days. Whatever your pest problems may be, we can help. Contact us today to get started, we look forward to your call.

Are Bed Bugs Avoidable In Tempe, AZ

Bed bugs don't enter our homes in the typical way that many other pests do; instead of entering your home through vulnerable points in the exterior of your home like cracks in your foundation, gaps around exterior door frames, or holes in window screens, these pests are carried in on our clothing, personal belongings, or furniture items. The unfortunate thing when it comes to dealing with bed bugs is, they can be found in just about any public place, including buses, taxis, hotels and motels, malls, and movie theaters, to name a few. This makes them increasingly difficult to avoid picking up while you're out and about. So, how do you avoid bed bugs in Tempe, AZ?

Here are a few preventative measures that you can implement into your everyday life to avoid picking up bed bugs:

  • If you are traveling in a mode of public transportation such as a bus, taxi, train, or airplane, avoid setting your belongings on the floor.
  • When traveling, inspect your hotel room or other rentals for bed bugs before bringing your luggage inside.
  • When returning home from a trip, immediately wash and dry your clothing on a high heat setting to kill any bed bugs that may have stowed away in your suitcase.
  • If possible, avoid purchasing used, second-hand furniture, mattresses, box springs, and similar articles for your home.

While these tips can certainly help in the attempt to avoid bed bug problems, they aren't completely effective. If you do find yourself dealing with a bed bug infestation, we can help! At White Knight Pest Control, our technicians are highly experienced in the detection and elimination of bed bugs and offer comprehensive bed bug inspections and complete bed bug control treatments. For assistance in resolving your bed bug problem quickly and effectively, get in touch with us today to get started with bed bug control!

6 Ways To Avoid Termite Damage In Tempe, AZ

Although termites are small, they can have some pretty huge consequences. Termites are wood-eating pests that seriously compromise the structural integrity of your home or business. The damage can be costly, devastating, and not to mention harmful to the safety of your loved ones and others on the property.

Here are six preventative tips for reducing your chances of getting termites:

1. Examine all wood before bringing it onto your property.

2. Get rid of any rotting or moisture-damaged wood.

3. Reduce excess moisture around the property.

4. Repair rotten areas of the roof to prevent entry.

5. Use a dehumidifier in moisture-rich areas.

6. Use vent fans in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

These helpful tips are a great place to start in minimizing your exposure to termites and decreasing attractants around the property. However, none of them are entirely effective on their own. The safest thing to do is enlist the services of our professionals here at White Knight pest Control. We’re here to help you regarding everything and anything termite-related.  Contact us to learn more about our termite control and prevention services and we’ll set up your initial inspection.  


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