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The rapidly growing city of Syracuse sits along Farmington Bay and just outside of Salt Lake City. Filled with parks, a golf course, restaurants, and shops to meet every need, Syracuse provides the best of suburban living for families and individuals. While there are four distinct seasons, none of them are too extreme, which makes all of the available outdoor recreation so easy to take advantage of. But humans aren’t the only ones who seek to call Syracuse home. Many common area pests seek these conditions as well and are focused on gaining entry into your home or business. 

For more than 15 years, the team of professionals at White Knight Pest Control have been dedicated to being a partner in pest solutions. Think of us as your white knight, the team who will always put your needs first and who is always there for you. To us, pest control is personal, which is why we want you to have the best. That means guaranteeing our services, providing readily available customer support, and only employing the best technicians. Contact us today for more information on keeping pests off of your property. 

Residential Pest Control In Syracuse, UT

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Home is supposed to be the place where you’re safest and happiest, but when infestations happen, all of that becomes unattainable. That’s where White Knight Pest Control comes in. Since 2006, we’ve been there for homeowners in their time of need with effective and reliable pest control that actually yields results. With our 15-point procedure, we take no chances. We inspect and treat everything from your fence to your yard to the interior of your home, because a strong barrier is the best line of defense. Whether you’re looking to proactively protect your home or need help getting rid of a specific pest, we will be there for you. Together we’ll create a service plan that fits your goals, schedule, and budget. So contact us today for more information on keeping your home free from pests. 

Commercial Pest Control In Syracuse, UT

When you run a business. there’s a lot that you have to deal with on any given day. At White Knight Pest Control, we believe that pests shouldn’t be one of those things. That’s why we’re committed to working with our commercial clients to customize a treatment plan that is designed to your industry’s specific requirements. While we provide pest-specific solutions to businesses, we encourage a proactive approach in order to ensure total safety and lack of pests. With ongoing pest protection you’ll never have to worry about pests again. With our service guarantee, flexible scheduling, and superior customer service, White Knight Pest Control is the clear choice for all your commercial pest control needs. Contact us today for more information!

Three Signs You May Have A Termite Problem On Your Syracuse Property

Termites get attracted to your Syracuse property on the search for wood of various forms. Sometimes they're drawn to dry wood, and sometimes to damp and damaged wood. Either way, once the species of termite has found the wood that they seek, they won’t sleep, chewing through it all day and night. Too often, termites go undetected because people don’t necessarily look for the signs. That’s why at the first sight of any of the following signs, consider speaking with a pest professional:

  1. Bubbling wallpaper or paint

  2. Swollen wood in places like door frames or molding

  3. Termite swarmers, piles of discarded wings, and frass, which is sawdust-like termite excrement

When it comes to termites, don't take chances. Contact the professionals at White Knight Pest Control today for more information on how to prevent termites or for the safe removal of an active colony with our termite control services. 

All The Ways You Attract Mosquitoes To Your Syracuse Backyard

With mosquito seasons ranging all the way from April through October, their ability to make the time you spend in your Syracuse backyard unpleasant is significant. Here are all of the ways that you may be attracting mosquitoes without even knowing it:

  • Drinking alcohol

  • Working out, which causes lactic acid build up

  • Getting sweaty

  • Having type O blood

  • Being pregnant

  • Wearing scented hygiene products 

  • Having pockets of stagnant water around your property 

  • Leaving yard debris, trimmings, and leaf piles around

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your outdoor time. For more information on protecting yourself from mosquitoes and to learn about effective treatments, contact the team at White Knight Pest Control today. 


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