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As South Jordan, Utah residents, most of us stand by the fact that it’s the best town in the state. Unfortunately, pests and rodents seem to agree. If you’re taking an “it won’t happen to me” sort of approach to potential pest and rodent infestations on your South Jordan property, then you might be in for a very unpleasant surprise.
Luckily, no matter what pest problems you’re facing, White Knight Pest Control is here to help. Contact us today and let’s get started taking back your South Jordan property from every harmful and destructive pest looking to get inside. 

Residential Pest Control In South Jordan, UT

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Pest and rodent problems plague South Jordan homes regularly, and ignoring the need for preventative measures can leave you exposed to potential home damage and health concerns. Ants, roaches, rodents, and plenty of others can carry dangerous bacteria into your home, destroy and contaminate your stored items, and cause allergic reactions in many adults and children alike.
The problem is that these home-invaders are common for a reason: they’re incredibly difficult to keep out. Your best bet is to limit the factors that could lure them in, which you can do most effectively by:

  • Cleaning regularly

  • Storing food and trash properly

  • Maintaining the lawn

  • Reducing moisture buildup

While these methods can help limit your chances, there are no guarantees when it comes to DIY pest control around the house. The only guaranteed solution is to contact White Knight Pest Control today. Call us today and find out why a comprehensive residential pest control program might be the perfect solution for your home’s pest issues. 

Commercial Pest Control In South Jordan, UT

South Jordan homeowners may have a hard time keeping pests off of their properties, but it might be an even bigger struggle for business owners. Plus, there may be more at stake for the many local businesses that rely on their reputation in the South Jordan community and its surrounding areas. Pests are costly both to your business and your reputation, so do you really want to try and handle pests on your own?
With year-round pest problems, business owners truly don’t have enough time to put proper preventative measures in place themselves. Fortunately, White Knight Pest Control has customized programs for all South Jordan business owners and their budgets. Plus, we have on-call technicians available to deal with a pest or rodent issue before the customers become aware of it. 
Give us a call today to find out more ways comprehensive commercial pest control from White Knight Pest Control can protect your business.

Are Earwigs In South Jordan, UT As Dangerous As They Look?

The earwigs that plague South Jordan homes are equipped with slender bodies and large pincers protruding from their abdomen. While urban legends state that they use these pincers to tunnel into people’s brains through their ears, giving them their names, fortunately, scientists have never found this to be true. However, earwigs do secrete an odorous fluid when disturbed, so they can be very unpleasant guests in your home.
As it turns out, earwigs are an even bigger threat to your vegetation, so you don’t want them hanging around your garden either. Garden plants are their favorite food, but keeping the moisture level in the soil as even as possible can help prevent the threat of earwigs. Sealing up the cracks and crevices around your home with silicone-based caulk is another preventative measure you can perform yourself. 
You’ll also want to address moisture issues inside the house, as earwigs love a damp environment. They’ll gather in areas of high condensation (which is typically your basement), setting you up for a frightening surprise next time you start looking through your storage boxes. If you want guaranteed protection from these invasive pests, your only option is enlisting the help of a professional pest technician.
Worried about earwigs around your South Jordan home? Call White Knight today and find out how a comprehensive pest treatment program can keep you protected.

Nobody In South Jordan, UT Wants Bed Bugs, Here's How To Avoid Them!

Bed bugs are nasty, nightly attackers. These parasites feed on your blood as you sleep; along with waking up to itchy, red bug bites, victims of a bed bug infestation also report insomnia and anemia that last even once the bed bugs have been eradicated. Simply put, you do not want to open yourself up to an infestation.
Many people think that bed bugs only invade dirty homes, but this is a dangerous misconception. Bed bugs will invade any home and infest almost any piece of furniture. They’re not just limited to mattresses; they’ll inhabit couch cushions, office chairs, ottomans, and more.
To understand how to avoid bed bugs, you’ll need to understand how they enter your home. They’re very small, so they move slowly. However, they can cling to almost any object and hitch a ride into your house on it. They’ll usually enter your home on luggage or used furniture, so it’s very important to check these items before bringing them into your house. If you set your bag down in an airport terminal or bus station, bed bugs can migrate from another bag if given enough time. Or, that great deal you got on a couch might be a bed bug infestation waiting to happen.
If bed bugs do make it into your house, they’re very hard to get rid of completely. You’ll want to utilize the services of a professional pest technician. For all of your pest and rodent problems, White Knight Pest Control is just a phone call away. Contact us today and find out why professional treatment is the only option when bed bugs invade


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