Six Easy Ways To Keep Spiders From Entering Your Denver Home

Most spiders in your Denver home won't harm you, especially spiders you see during the day when you're around your yard. Spiders are beneficial. They help with the control of harmful pests and plant-damaging insects. The problem is that they don't know that you don't want them inside your home no matter how beneficial they are. When they explore your exterior walls, they can accidentally find their way inside. The key to keeping them from entering your home is reducing the number of spiders climbing around on your outside walls, and making it more difficult for them to find pathways to your interior.

Tips To Reduce Spiders Around Your Denver, CO Home

spider in basement

It is easy to understand why spiders come near your home, and how they can become a problem when they do. Spiders are drawn to food, water, and hiding places. Once they find these, they can start to make lots of spiderlings near your home. Use these tips to stop them in their tracks:

  • Reduce exterior light at night to reduce insects. Spiders feed on insects.

  • Replace exterior white lights with yellow lights. In areas where security is a concern, it can help to change the type of light you're using. Yellow lights are far less attractive to insects.

  • Keep exterior trash in sealed receptacles. This will keep flies and other insects that attract spiders away.

  • Get rid of damp areas around your home. Moisture attracts a long list of insects and invertebrates which are food sources for spiders. Clean out your gutters and repair any breaks in your gutter system. Repair plumbing leaks. Trim tree canopy to allow the sunlight to dry your foundation perimeter, and put space between your plants to let the air move through and keep things dry.

  • Remove webs from your exterior. Some spiders can have as many as 300 eggs hidden in egg sacs on their webs. When you remove spider webs, you'll have a direct impact on how many spiders you'll have crawling around your home.

  • Spiders love hiding places, such as toys left in the yard, building materials, concrete blocks, piles of bricks or stones, stacked wood crates, woodpiles, etc. Remove hiding places, or elevate objects to make them more difficult for spiders to use as hiding places. It is also important to keep vegetation and grass trimmed. These are another place spiders hide—sometimes right out in the open where you can see them. Spiders aren't very smart.

Tips To Seal Spiders Out Of Your Denver Home

It stands to reason that spiders get into your home because they can. Here are a few common entry points they'll exploit:

  • Openings around doors. This could be a damaged screen, broken glass door pane, or a hole or gap between the screen frame and the door frame. It could be a hole created by wood-destroying pests, gaps in weather stripping, damaged door sweeps, gaps around door frames.

  • Openings around windows. This could be a damaged screen, broken window pane, a gap around the frame, or a gap between the frame and the window frame.

  • Gaps around foundation penetrations. If you have pipes, wires, wire conduits, or something else that passes through your foundation walls, they can provide entry points if they have gaps around them. Use a caulking gun to seal any openings you find.

How White Knight Pest Control Can Help

While the above tips are easy to understand, they can be a lot of work. Fortunately, there is a way for you to get the benefits of spider maintenance without having to do all the work by yourself. Our licensed pest professionals help Denver homeowners get control of spiders by providing the following:

  • Not only do we remove webs around your home so that you don't have to, but we also get rid of webs that are hard to reach by using a tool that can reach high webs.

  • We apply granular treatments that reduce pests around your home. This reduces food options for spiders.

  • We provide treatments to key areas where spiders, and the insects spiders eat, can be found hiding, such as weep holes, foundations, and voids underneath exterior structures.

If you want fewer spiders around your Denver home and fewer encounters with spiders inside your home, it pays to have an ongoing residential pest control plan that gets the job done. Reach out to us today and let our experienced pest management team guide you in selecting the right plan for your specific needs and budget.