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Round Rock is a city near Austin, Texas. The name comes from “The Round Rock” which is a large stone eroded into the center channel of Brushy Creek. Since the town did not construct the first bridge across Brushy Creek until after 1890, the large “round rock” marked the low-water place for Native Americans, cattle drives, and stagecoaches to cross the creek.

First known as Brushy Creek, the town renamed itself Round Rock in honor of this famous rock in 1854. In the more modern times, the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey lists Round Rock as the 9th fastest growing city in America over the last five years. Round Rock is known as an affordable, safe, and community-active municipality.

Unfortunately, the same factors that make Round Rock so appealing to the people that live and work here also make it very appealing to numerous destructive and dangerous pests. Rodents, termites, ants, and other pests in the area never stop, so neither do we. No matter what pests you’re up against, we have the tools to make them disappear. Call us today and find out more.

Home Pest Control In Round Rock, TX

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The 37,000 housing units in Round Rock offer a lot of territory for pests to invade. White Knight Pest Control is on the job as your hometown pest control expert. The presence of any number of pests can damage your property, and cost you money with expensive repairs. We offer three different residential pest control plans: monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly.

Don’t leave your home at risk of infestation by the many pests that call Round Rock home. A professional treatment plan from White Knight Pest Control can not only eliminate any current pest pressures you’re experiencing but also work to prevent them from springing up in the future. Give White Knight Pest Control a call today to learn more about our residential pest control plans, or to schedule your first service visit.

Commercial Pest Control In Round Rock, TX

With 8,000 businesses in Round Rock, there is a strong need for pest control services. Thankfully, White Knight Pest Control offers our business community reliable, trustworthy, and high-quality products and services for your customers. When pests invade, through no fault of your own, they still can harm your reputation.

Do not wait for rodents, insects, or other pests to invade your business, and put your company's reputation at risk. Instead, get in touch with White Knight Pest Control today to receive the ongoing commercial pest control services you deserve. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation. 

The Worst Species of Cockroaches for Your Round Rock, TX Home or Business

Cockroaches are a problem no one wants to have. Between the diseases they spread and the feelings of disgust they elicit in anyone they come near, roaches and people just don’t mix. However, while all species of cockroaches are troublesome, none is worse than the German cockroach. 

The German cockroach is considered the most troublesome of cockroach species if it shows up in your home or business. It is usually 1/2 to 5/8 inch long, light brown with two dark stripes. While they do not fly, they may seem to since they are so hardy, prolific, fast, and elusive. 

Why are German cockroaches the worst? A few reasons. They are the most prolific of indoor cockroaches, as they reproduce rapidly; while other roaches take twelve months to reach maturity, German roaches make it in three. They carry salmonella, dysentery, and gastroenteritis. And along with being unsightly, they are known to trigger allergic reactions, especially for people with asthma.

Have roaches started making their presence felt around your Round Rock home or business? White Knight Pest Control can help you protect your valuable home, and your sense of place, by treating your property to cure the infestation. Contact us today and find out why professional cockroach treatment through White Knight could be the perfect solution for you. 

Preventing Termites is Possible in Your Round Rock, TX Home or Business

With how destructive termites can be and the cost of repairing their damages, it’s always beneficial to be able to prevent an infestation before it happens. To do so, first, you must recognize that you have a termite infestation. Along the way toward prevention, you need to know that two termite species could be chewing away on the wood in your home. In Round Rock, this includes two primary offenders: subterranean termites and Formosan termites.

Formosan Subterranean termites are an invasive species, with the first infestations in Texas known to occur at the Houston Ship Channel in Pasadena in 1956. Since then they have spread to 30 Texas counties, with reports of Formosan termites in all major metropolitan areas in Texas.

Southeastern Drywood termites are light yellow to black with clear to smoky gray wings and are about 7/16 of an inch long. Worker termites are termite nymphs and are up to 3/8 inch long, wingless, white to grayish with white to yellowish-brown heads. The body of the swarmers is 9/16 of an inch long with dark bodies.

Then you need to know the workings of termites, and how they damage your home or business. Termite workers do not eat cellulose, the main substance in the walls of plant cells that help plants to remain stiff and upright but chew it up. Then, the multiple one-celled Protozoans living in their digestive tract digest it. A different approach, but the same result of wood damage, because of the tunnels or galleries formed by workers that house the colony in dry, cured, or rotted wood. 

Lastly, you need to take active preventative steps to prevent infestations. Here are some excellent tips to help you prevent termites from getting to your Round Rock property:

  • Fix or wrap leaky, sweating pipes.
  • Remove fallen trees, tree stumps, and piles of organic debris from your home or business.
  • Replace mulch with crushed rock, rubber mulch, or other non-cellulose-based options.
  • Use dehumidifiers in basements, and ventilate crawl spaces.
  • Seal cracks in the foundation, and eliminate soil-to-wood contact on your property.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts to prevent water from pooling around your foundation.
  • Weatherstrip around windows and doors to prevent water from seeping into your walls.

Unfortunately, there is simply no way to guarantee your home’s safety from termite invaders without a professional termite treatment plan in place to prevent them. Luckily, the pros here at White Knight have access to all the tools required to make termites gone for good. If you want to eliminate these pests for good contact White Knight Pest Control today.


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