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Phoenix is a large city in Maricopa County and is the capital of the state of Arizona. Our sprawling metropolitan area is known as the Valley of the Sun due to our warm, year-round temperatures. Despite the many reasons why residents enjoy living here in Phoenix, pests are still a significant threat for both home and business owners.

Protect your residential or commercial property from invading pests by partnering with the licensed technicians here at White Knight Pest Control. We’ve made it our goal to provide outstanding pest control solutions by relying on honesty, integrity, teamwork, and commitment. Since 2006 we’ve been regarded as one of the top pest control providers in the areas we serve, and we are proud to continue providing excellent pest management services for years to come!

Home Pest Control In Phoenix, AZ

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At White Knight Pest Control, it’s our top priority to protect your home and family from nuisance and dangerous pests. We believe that family is the most important aspect of life, which is why we work hard to provide ongoing home pest control services. With our pest technicians by your side, you can rest assured that your Phoenix home will remain pest-free all year round.

Don’t wait for pests to invade your home and harm your family. Instead, turn to White Knight Pest Control for solutions that get the job done right. Get in touch with us today for more details about our residential pest control treatments.

Commercial Pest Control In Phoenix, AZ

Keeping your customers satisfied is the best way to build a great reputation for your Phoenix business. However, if your customers notice spiders, insects, and rodents running around in your commercial facility, they won’t want to return to your business in the future.

Protect your reputation, customers, and employees from invading pests by implementing a year-round commercial pest control plan from White Knight Pest Control. We are committed to protecting your Phoenix business from all kinds of pests using modern solutions and proven pest control methods. No matter whether you own a hospital, nursing home, office, school, or storage facility, you can depend on White Knight Pest Control to keep it pest-free. Reach out to our skilled technicians today to get started!

Common Ant Species In Phoenix, AZ

Ants are the most common nuisance pests found in the United States. With more than 10,000 unique species of ants worldwide, it’s not surprising that these tiny pests are commonly found in commercial and residential properties. Unfortunately, ants can cause many problems when they invade your home or business, depending on the species. Some ants are merely a nuisance, while others can pose health risks and contaminate food items.

Here in Phoenix, the most common species of property-invading ants include:

  • Fire ants. Fire ants are known for their aggressive behavior, painful stings, and bright reddish-orange color.
  • Argentine ants. These dark brown ants typically live in moist environments close to a source of food.
  • Raspberry crazy ants. Like other crazy ant species, raspberry crazy ants get their name from their quick, unpredictable movements and erratic behavior.
  • Ghost ants. Ghost ants are aptly named for their dark heads and nearly translucent legs and abdomens.
  • Pavement ants. Pavement ants get their name from their tendency to create their nests in cracks in sidewalks, roads, and other paved areas.
  • Harvester ants. Harvester ants are dark, reddish-brown ants that collect or harvest seeds as their main food source.
  • Odorous house ant. These small black ants give off a foul odor when crushed, which people describe as smelling like rotten coconuts.
  • Pharaoh ants. Pharaoh ants are small yellowish ants with almost transparent bodies, known for being major nuisance pests, especially within hospitals.
  • White-footed ants. These small black ants have white feet and are known for the large size of their colonies and persistence, which makes them difficult to eliminate.
  • Thief ants. Thief ants get their name because they nest close to other ant nests and steal food from them.
  • Acrobat ants. Acrobat ants get their name due to the distinctive way they hold their abdomens above the rest of their bodies, especially when alarmed.

No matter what species of ants are causing problems in your Phoenix home or business, it’s important to reach out for professional help. At White Knight Pest Control, we are proud to protect properties from pests by using the most effective products and prevention strategies available. Contact us today to learn more about our ant control services!

Five Things Everyone In Phoenix, AZ Should Know About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small, reddish-brown insects best known for their nocturnal, blood-feeding behavior. These common pests are found in homes and businesses throughout the United States, and here in Phoenix is no exception. When it comes to dealing with bed bugs, it’s important to understand more about them.

Here are five things that everyone ought to know about bed bugs:

  1. Bed bugs can go anywhere between 20 and 400 days without a blood meal, depending on the temperature and humidity. So, trying to starve bed bugs by shutting off an infested room is rarely effective.
  2. Bed bugs are hardy pests that can withstand temperatures of nearly freezing up to 120 degrees, which explains why they live in all 50 states.
  3. Bed bugs contain a mild anesthetic in their saliva, which promotes blood flow to the bite site and makes their bites nearly painless.
  4. Bed bugs have no wings, and they cannot jump. Instead, they travel from one area to another by hitching rides on people's bags and belongings.
  5. You are most likely to pick up bed bugs while traveling through public spaces such as schools, offices, malls, movie theaters, libraries, and airports.

Bed bugs are difficult to prevent and even more difficult to get rid of. The best way to handle a bed bug infestation is with help from White Knight Pest Control. Give us a call today for more information about our bed bug control treatments.


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