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The folks in Pasadena, Texas know how to make the most of the time in the day. We’re fortunate to live in a place like Pasadena where we know the value of hard work and making every hour count. However, when the hard work you put into your business, house, or property is threatened by pests, there’s no shame in calling in the professionals. Your time is too valuable to be worried about keeping pests off of your property all year round, but, unfortunately, that’s what it takes.

Home Pest Control In Pasadena, TX

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If you take pride in providing an enjoyable and healthy home for your family, then you have to be aware of the threat that home-invading pests can bring to your property. The health risks are by far the most concerning part.

Many local Pasadena pests can create worrisome health conditions on your property. For instance, the wasps that frequent our outdoor deck and patio spaces can sting multiple times, often resulting in dangerous medical conditions like anaphylactic shock. Plus, certain ants, roaches, and rodents can bring harmful bacteria into your home, causing allergic reactions, salmonella, and many others.

If the health risks don’t worry you, then you might be more interested to hear about all of the money that pests could cost you in-home repairs. That’s right – the intense heat and the tornadoes aren’t the only threat to your Pasadena, TX property. The damage that termites can do on your property is well-documented, but other home invaders like carpenter ants, mice, and rats can also cause expensive damage to vital parts of your house.

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Commercial Pest Control In Pasadena, TX

While pests are a huge threat in many ways to the homeowners of the area, they might pose a larger threat to the Pasadena businesses that rely so much on their great reputations as advertising. You see, nothing can ruin a reputation like a customer seeing a pest inside of your business. You can never be too careful when it comes to preventing cockroaches, ants, or rats from making an appearance during business hours.

And it’s not just customers you have to worry about. Pests love invading any sort of business that stores food or goods in easily accessible areas. This can wind up costing you a lot of money in lost inventory, slower production, employee health concerns, and failed health inspections.

If you want to keep your business safe from the many pests that call Pasadena home, call the pest control professionals at White Knight Pest Control for help. Contact us today and find out how a professional commercial pest control plan can keep your business pest-free now and in the future.

Three Things You Can Do In Pasadena, TX To Avoid Rodents

Everyone in the world has to deal with rodents, but they certainly thrive here in Pasadena. The mice and rats, for instance, seem to always want to invade our homes to find a better source of food or water. That’s why they’ll sometimes surprise you when you look in the toilet bowl. While that particular thirsty mouse may have drowned, sighting one usually means there are a few more within your walls.

While mice and rats are well-known bacteria carriers, other home-invading rodents can be dangerous on your property as well. Squirrels, for instance, have a knack for chewing holes in the portions of your over-hanging roof to gain access to a comfy place for giving birth to their young. If you stumble upon a nursing squirrel mother, you might find out how sharp their teeth and claws can be.

The three best ways to reduce rodent activity in your home and on your property include:

  1. Limiting clutter in low-traffic areas.
  2. Trimming back tree branches from the roof.
  3. Reducing outdoor food sources like birdseed and trash.

However, these solutions are not always foolproof. The only guaranteed method of rodent prevention and eradication is enlisting the help of a White Knight Pest Control technician.

Does Insurance In Pasadena, TX Cover Termite Damage?

While there are plenty of home invaders that can do damage to your property, termites are without a doubt the biggest threat to your wallet. Most homeowners don’t notice the signs of termites for a year and a half or longer, and that’s more than enough time for termites to do thousands of dollars worth of damage to the foundation of your home. And don’t let the insurance company fool you: your homeowners' insurance probably won’t cover termite damage or termite treatment.

Without proper termite protection, you could be opening yourself up to a costly infestation. The only things you can do on your own to prevent a termite infestation involve moisture control, but even methods like dehumidifiers, checking pipes for leaks, and controlling rain runoff can prove ineffective. Termites will still seek out your healthy wood if you don’t have any wood damaged by moisture.

If you truly want to protect your investment against termites, you'll need a lot more than just insurance. Professional pest control is your only guaranteed solution, and our effective termite control programs can keep your property protected for years to come. White Knight Pest Control has the guaranteed prevention and eradication measures you need.


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