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When pest problems pop up on your Parker property, you could wind up in a much worse situation than you think. Many local pests will not only damage your property, but they’ll also create hazardous conditions for adults, children, and pets. 

Parker is a great place to work and live, and a lot of that is due to the community that the residents and business owners have created around here. That’s why our trained pest technicians at White Knight Pest Control take so much pride in protecting Parker properties from all kinds of invading pests. 

When we founded the company in 2006, we took a vow to put customer satisfaction above all else. That’s why all of our members have the backing of our pest-free guarantee, so they know that if a pest problem pops up between scheduled treatments, we’ll take care of it at no extra charge. Our proven track record and commitment to excellence has led to our accreditations with the following organizations:

  • The National Pest Management Association
  • The Texas Pest Management Association
  • The Better Business Bureau

For the professional care that provides assurances where you need them the most, call White Knight Pest Control today. 

Residential Pest Control In Parker, CO

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Protecting your home from pests should be one of your top priorities, but many other tasks take priority as a homeowner. We understand how busy you are, but we also understand how important your home and family are to you. That’s why we offer high-quality residential pest control accompanied by our pest-free guarantee. 

Since we service over 40,000 homes throughout the Midwest, our highly trained residential pest control technicians understand exactly what it takes to keep pests out of your house, no matter what kind of needs your property has. We can also ensure that all of our treatment solutions are safe for pets and children, while still being effective enough to offer our assurances that you won’t have to deal with pest problems between visits. Give us a call today to schedule your home pest control inspection. 

Commercial Pest Control In Parker, CO

When pests invade your Parker business, they not only endanger your customers and employees but also your reputation in the community. Word travels fast in a place like Parker, especially thanks to social media. If you don’t have a plan to protect your business against pest invasions, then you’re taking a serious risk. 

Instead of rolling the dice with your investment, consider protecting your business with our White Knight Pest Control pest-free guarantee. Our trained commercial pest control technicians service 300 commercial clients throughout our service areas, so they know how to protect any sort of business facility. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection at your earliest convenience.

How To Get Rid Of Wasp Nests In Parker, CO

Wasps are not only a nuisance to your outdoor activities, but they’re also incredibly dangerous to your health. The ability to sting multiple times without harming themselves is multiplied by their pack mentality. Wasps issue a distress signal when their nests are threatened, inviting other wasps to come to their protection. Multiple stings from multiple wasps can lead to dangerous health conditions like allergic reactions or even anaphylactic shock.

If you notice wasp nests on your property (which can be hanging from trees, buried in holes in the ground, or connected to your outdoor deck areas), do not try to get rid of them yourself. Harmful wasp encounters almost always begin with people trying to get rid of nests, so don’t make this dangerous mistake.

As soon as you see a wasp nest, contact White Knight Pest Control. Our trained technicians can get rid of the nest safely before providing an estimate on our continuous services that can reduce your risk of wasp infestations. Don’t wait until your yard is a dangerous place. Give us a call at the first sign of wasps. 

Three Tell-Tale Signs Your Parker, CO Home Needs Professional Termite Control

Termites invade over 600,000 homes per year across the United States, but not all of these invasions result in costly damage. Termites work in secret for a few years before the damage becomes expensive, and this happens to homeowners all the time who don’t know how to diagnose termite issues properly. Here are three common signs of termite activity on Parker properties: 

  • Mud tubes on foundation walls.
  • Shed wings of flying swarmer termites.
  • Visible damage to exposed wood in the yard.

If you notice these signs, then it’s time to enlist professional pest control technicians. Trying to eradicate termites yourself will most likely result in a prolonged infestation, putting you at risk for higher repair bills. 

If you notice these signs, then it’s time to enlist professional pest control technicians. Trying to eradicate termites yourself will most likely result in a prolonged infestation, putting you at risk for higher repair bills. Keep in mind that these signs can be hard to see with an untrained eye. Getting a professional opinion could save you thousands of dollars. Call White Knight Pest Control today to schedule a professional termite inspection


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