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Effective Pest Control Services In Paradise Valley, AZ

If you own a home or business in the Paradise Valley area, then you’re familiar with the variety of pest problems that we have around here. Here’s what we at White Knight Pest Control have to offer all of our Paradise Valley customers: 

  • Guaranteed services 
  • Flexible online scheduling 
  • Experienced pest technicians 
  • Better Business Bureau A+ Rating
  • Angie’s List Pro Business 

Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our experienced pest technicians. 

Residential Pest Control In Paradise Valley, TX

paradise valley home pest control services

As a homeowner in Paradise Valley, it can be tempting to try and deal with pest problems yourself. However, this could put your home at risk along with your family’s health as well, so you can’t take any chances with DIY pest control methods.

When everything that matters most to you is on the line, why not partner with professionals with a proven track record and a comprehensive guarantee? At White Knight Pest Control, we put Paradise Valley families first, so you can rest assured that you’ll get the absolute best that we have to offer. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection at your earliest convenience.

Commercial Pest Control In Paradise Valley, AZ

Running a business in a place like Paradise Valley can really make you focus on your reputation in the community.  Unfortunately, pest problems in your commercial facility could cost you thousands of potential customers thanks to the influence of social media.

When your hard work and investment are on the line, why take a chance on anything but professional assurances? With our award-winning services and our flexible scheduling, we have everything it takes to provide the comprehensive coverage that you need to keep your business pest-free. Plus, if pest problems pop up between our monthly services, we will take care of them at no additional charge. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our commercial pest control experts

Why Is Professional Termite Control Important For Paradise Valley, AZ Properties?

When termites invade your Paradise Valley property, they can cause extensive (and expensive) damage to the wooden portions of your home, over time. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to notice termite problems on your own, so they can remain within your walls for months or even years, costing you thousands of dollars worth of damage. However, if you can spot the signs of an infestation, you might be able to get out in front of a termite problem before it’s too late. These signs include:

  • Mud tubes along foundation walls
  • Shed wings of termite swarmers
  • Visible damage to exposed wood
  • Frass buildup along baseboards
  • Clicking noise within walls

If you are thinking that some of these signs sound like a foreign language, you’re not alone. It can be very difficult to discern a termite infestation with an untrained eye. This is why it’s so important to get a professional inspection every six months to a year. It’s also incredibly important to understand that, if you do notice a termite infestation on your property, there is not much you can do on your own to eradicate the problem. 

The only guaranteed termite prevention and eradication methods come from professional pest control technicians with a proven track record, like ours. A regular inspection might save you thousands of dollars, so give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our in-house termite experts.

How To Identify Dangerous Spiders In Paradise Valley, AZ

When spiders threaten your Paradise Valley home, there are only a few of them that will threaten your health. The brown recluse and the black widow spider are two of the most common dangerous spiders in the area. All spiders have venom and fangs, but brown recluse and black widow spiders are actually able to transfer this venom to humans. One bite from either of these spiders can result in serious health complications like shortness of breath, nausea, cramping, paralysis, or permanent skin damage. 

The black widow spider has a round, black body with the famous red hourglass marking. The brown recluse spider is a light brown spider featuring a dark brown violin-shaped mark on its back. Both of these spiders will hang out in the low-traffic areas of your property, such as the basement and the yard. They will set up webs in hopes of catching their pest prey in the areas of your home and yard that have a lack of human interaction and an abundance of pest activity. That’s why your best bet when it comes to controlling spiders on your property is limiting the amount of pest activity with the following methods:

  • Storing food and trash properly
  • Maintaining the lawn regularly
  • Cleaning the house consistently
  • Decluttering low-traffic areas of the house and yard
  • Partnering with professional pest technicians with a proven track record

While all of these methods can help reduce your chances of a dangerous spider infestation, there is no such thing as a guarantee without an experienced pest professional partnering with you. At White Knight Pest Control, we offer one of the most effective pest-free guarantees in the Paradise Valley area, and we have a proven track record to back it up. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our experienced pest professionals.


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