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Welcome to ‘The Show Me City!’ Despite its extremely misleading name, Missouri City is not a community in Missouri State, but Texas. And as far as the locals are concerned, you had better get it right! Sharing its borders with Fort Bend and Harris County, Missouri City has swelled to over 75,000 people in less than 100 years. When you learn that the city started with a population of 600, it becomes very impressive indeed! There are many things in Missouri City that have attracted a rising population, from Houston commuters to lovely natural spaces. Even Beyonce’has found something to love about Missouri City! But despite all its wonders, there are some flaws to this busy city: pest problems.

While it’s easy to dismiss infestations as being nonexistent, problems associated with pests are becoming more and more prevalent. If you expect to live a happy, healthy life in Missouri City, you will need to start investing in proper pest control services. That’s where the team at White Knight Pest Control comes in. We have been acting as the pest control experts of Missouri City since 2006, delivering 25 years of service with skill, speed, and a smile. Our team is dedicated to one thing and one thing only – your total satisfaction! See what they can do for you by submitting an online contact form now.

Residential Pest Control In Missouri City, TX

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Despite what the famous saying says, what you don’t know could harm you. The presence of an unknown pest problem has serious implications for homeowners all over Missouri City and may be financial, emotional, or even physical. Pests may destroy personal property and injure people and pets without even trying. By ruining important structures, pest problems cost thousands of dollars to repair. Worst of all, the long-term effects of their presence may significantly harm your mental health. 

Ignoring pest prevention is enough to bring your home to the ground. Instead of letting fate take control of your future, set the record straight with White Knight Pest Control. We service homes by:

  • Offering inclusive pest inspections
  • Creating lasting interior solutions
  • Applying safe exterior treatments
  • Returning for follow-up visits

White Knight Pest Control is everything you need to keep your home pest-free. Schedule a residential pest control treatment online today.

Commercial Pest Control In Missouri City, TX

From large franchises to mom-and-pop stores, pest control is a serious issue. It doesn’t matter how great your reputation is, or how impressive your bottom line may be. If you have pests inside the building, you can all but kiss your business goodbye. With the credibility and security of your business on the line, investing in commercial pest control is always in your best interest. 

At White Knight Pest Control, we’ve been proud to serve some of the best and most loved businesses in Missouri City, including industries like:

  • Daycare Facilities
  • Healthcare Buildings 
  • Office Spaces 
  • Places Of Worship 
  • Restaurants And Food Service

Commercial pest control services from White Knight Pest Control are here to help. Get an initial consultation by calling your nearest branch today. 


Five Ways To Control Ants On Missouri City Properties

 Controlling ants around homes and businesses can be stressful at first. With thousands of vectors living in hundreds of colonies around the yard, there seems to be no end to the troubles they cause. That’s why these five methods of controlling Missouri City ants are some of White Knight Pest Control’s favorite methods of prevention. Here’s the advice we give to all our callers:

1. Don’t let any food items remain on the counter for very long. This includes any crumbs, spills, or smears from eating.

2. Store your garbage inside large plastic bins (and plastic bags, if applicable).

3. Remove filled garbage bags from the home at least once per week. 

4. Turn compost piles frequently.

5. Excess moisture around the house can be a big no-no for attracting ant populations. Do what you can to eliminate leaking pipes or clogged drains, then purchase a dehumidifier to clean up the rest. 

Your yard deserves the extra mile for its ongoing care and protection. Get professional ant control measures from White Knight Pest Control at any time. 

Is Do It Yourself (DIY) Bed Bug Control Effective In Missouri City?

You might like to think that cheap DIY treatments could work well against bed bugs, you would be sadly mistaken. Not only are bed bugs extremely dangerous and often difficult insects to remove, but they rarely (if ever) respond well to home remedies.

  • DIY methods are often expensive, overrated, and highly ineffective.
  • Over-the-counter treatment programs tend to be toxic at high levels, and sometimes even to human health.
  • Most issues related to bed bugs become worse over time and require professional help.

Learn more about professional bed bug control methods with White Knight Pest Control now. 


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