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Effective Pest Control Services In Mansfield, TX

One of the southernmost suburbs of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, it can be easy to feel like Mansfield gets overlooked by local pest companies. That’s why White Knight Pest Control targets our services to this underserved community, helping to ensure that pest populations never overtake Mansfield properties. Learn how homes and businesses tend to fall victim to pest invasions and, more importantly, how we can help.

Home Pest Control In Mansfield, TX

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Your home is your castle, which is why it’s super frustrating when tiny little pests invade and cause problems. The best way to ensure that your castle is protected is with help from White Knight Pest Control. We offer thorough and ongoing services that root out pest problems before they’re noticeable, so an infestation never has time to grow out of control. Here are some of the highlights of our residential pest control services:

  • Initial Services: On our first visit, we inspect your home and then do initial “flush out” treatments that drive pests away.

  • Maintenance Treatments: Depending on which service package you choose, we’ll come back every 30, 60, or 90 days to re-treat your property and make sure our approach is working.

  • Service Guarantee: Consider this your service warranty -- if pests are still a problem between visits, we come back out for free.

  • Platinum Shield: Our 15-step elite pest protection program is the most comprehensive and effective way to protect your interior and exterior from pest problems. Contact White Knight Pest Control to learn more.

Commercial Pest Control In Mansfield, TX

A pest infestation in your business is bad for everyone, from employees to customers. Not only can they expose people to dangerous diseases and property damage, but the sight of pests on your property is also enough to harm even a sterling reputation. That’s why proper commercial pest control for your Mansfield business is a smart investment. Here’s why you should turn to White Knight Pest Control to protect your property:

  • Collaborative Process: Our expert technicians will tour your property with you, making note of where pests are a problem and where potential access points may be. They form a plan of action and then get your approval before any work gets done.

  • Customer-Focused: The customer experience is of utmost importance to us. We don’t want to just meet your expectations but exceed them.

  • Flexible Scheduling: We know you’re busy, so we schedule treatments to be non-invasive to your day-to-day responsibilities. We also know that some businesses need a pest problem solved right away, so we offer same-day removal.

Make sure your Mansfield business never falls victim to a pest infestation by contacting White Knight Pest Control and getting started today.

Five Ways To Control German Cockroaches In Mansfield, TX Homes

Cockroaches are some of the nastiest bugs in the world. Not only do they infest properties and carry disease, but they are also incredibly difficult to get rid of. They can survive being stepped on and even develop resistance to common pesticides. That’s why the best way to get rid of them is to protect your home from them in the first place. Here are some of the best ways you can prevent and control cockroaches on your property:

1. Crack Sealing: Cockroaches are capable of flattening their bodies to squeeze through narrow cracks. You should check your exterior walls for blemishes and make repairs frequently.

2. Moisture Control: One way that cracks or holes form in the first place is from water damage, which is why proper moisture control is important. Not only will it protect you from new access points forming, but cockroaches are drawn to moist areas.

3. Windows & Doors: Cockroaches also take advantage of gaps in door frames or tears in window screens, so proper maintenance of these areas is essential.

4. Inspections: The best way to make sure all these access points are spotted and properly addressed is with help from experts. Contact White Knight Pest Control for an inspection today.

5. Treatments: The best way to keep cockroaches out of your home is with protective treatments from White Knight Pest Control. Contact us today to get started.

Why Termite Control Is So Important For Businesses In Mansfield, TX

Despite how little they get talked about compared to the other pests that are spotted more often around human properties, termites are still incredibly common and can be even more dangerous than the other types of pests that come to mind. For one, they chew through wood, meaning our homes and businesses are one big source of food for them. For another, termites don’t just crawl around out in the open like other pests. They hide in their subterranean tunnels and keep the evidence of their activity hidden from the surface. Many people don’t even realize they have a termite problem until significant damage has already occurred.

This is why smart property owners turn to pest professionals, for thorough inspections and effective treatments. At White Knight Pest Control, we offer services that specifically target termites and seek to protect your structures from their destruction. Through spot treatments of existing populations and general misting that protects your yard, the treatments from White Knight Pest Control are effective at controlling and preventing termite infestations. While it is possible to eliminate termite populations once they’ve moved in, it’s far better to prevent them in the first place. So, don’t wait, contact us today to learn how we can protect your Mansfield business.


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