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Effective Pest Control In Killeen, TX

Killeen, TX homeowners, and business owners have a lot in common, but one of the biggest problems they share is the pests that can invade our properties. Our climate is conducive to year-round pest invasions that can not only lead to structural damage and expensive repairs but also dangerous health hazards as well. The more you learn about these pests, though, the more you’ll see how difficult it can be to keep them out.

If any pests are threatening your Killeen property, contact Killeen’s resident pest control professionals here at White Knight Pest Control. No matter your situation, we have the tools to keep your property protected from all of the problem pests.

Home Pest Control In Killeen, TX

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If you like to think of home as a place of peace and comfort or a safe haven from your problems, it can be tough to take time out of that serenity to take care of pest issues before they happen. However, if you aren’t doing certain things in and around your house to prevent insects and rodents, you may as well be opening the door up wide to health hazards and home damage.

There are all sorts of hazardous insects that would love to find a way into your home. Carrying dangerous bacteria, defending their nests with painful stings, or causing allergic reactions are just a few of the ways that pests can create detrimental health conditions. Many, such as termites and rodents, can cause significant damage around your property as well.

The best ways to protect your home from pests include:

  • Regular cleaning habits
  • Moisture management
  • Entry point monitoring
  • Proper food and trash storage

However, even homeowners who get all this right can still incur dangerous infestations. Why risk it when there are guaranteed pest control solutions available? White Knight Pest Control has the tools to reduce and eliminate pest infestations in residences of every shape and size. Check out our residential pest control page and protect your home today.

Commercial Pest Control In Killeen, TX

Business owners have a lot at stake when it comes to potential pest invasions. Businesses live and die on their reputation and just one pest sighting can cause a severe decline in patronage.

No matter what kind of business you run, pests can also ruin your bottom line by destroying inventory or making your employees uncomfortable. Ants have been known to cause issues, distractions, and even make employees work less productively. Roaches can contaminate food stores or even cause unsafe working conditions. Rodents can destroy property while putting employees at risk.

Don’t leave your Killeen property at risk; contact the pest professionals at White Knight Pest Control for help. We have experience combatting all the pests that call Killeen home, and we can keep your business or commercial property protected with customized commercial pest control services. Call us today to find out more!

Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs In Killeen, TX

Bed bugs are a troublesome pest to have and a difficult one to eliminate. These pests can get into your home a lot easier than you might think, and they can cause big problems once they’re in. Since bed bugs are very small, you might not notice them at first, but you’ll definitely notice the itchy bites from nightly attacks, which can quickly lead to health problems like insomnia and anemia.

They may not be fast enough to simply walk into your home, but bed bugs are very clingy, hitching a ride on luggage or used furniture, bed bugs will enter your home on items that you bring in yourself. That’s why your best bet to avoiding an infestation includes carefully monitoring your bags after you travel (especially when leaving hotels and travel hubs) and being extremely cautious about what kind of secondhand furniture you buy.

Bed bugs can infest anything, from office chairs and couches to mattresses. The best way to eliminate the threat is to simply call the pros. There’s no substitution for the guaranteed solutions of professional pest control. From sleepless nights to contaminated inventory, pest problems can all be avoided with one phone call to White Knight Pest Control. Contact us today and find out why professional bed bug treatment is a must for affected homeowners.

How Much Damage Can Termites Really Do To My Killeen, TX Home?

Termites cause around $5 billion of damage each year to properties across the country. Termites are destructive pests that can quickly cause hundreds if not thousands of dollars’ worth of damages to your Killeen home if left untreated.

Termites can be difficult to identify, but the more quickly you identify the problem, the better chance you can stop it from growing out of control. Warning signs of termite infestation include:
•    Small holes dug in wood surfaces 
•    Damaged drywall
•    Tubes and tunnels in foundations and basements
•    Structural weakness in wooden structures
•    Wooden doors and windows that creak when opened/closed

Unfortunately, most of the time, termite damage occurs completely out-of-sight, making it hard to identify until it’s too late. Termites cause damage that typically is not covered by insurance, and this can leave you spending thousands of dollars to fix the destruction they bring.

To keep termites from damaging your Killeen home, trust the experts here at White Knight Pest Control for help. Our comprehensive termite treatment options protect your home against termite damage today, tomorrow, and beyond.


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