How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Denver Home 

Spiders are creepy house guests. While most of the spiders in our area rarely bite and do not have a venom that is considered medically important, they're not welcomed guests in our homes. If you agree, we have some good news for you. There are ways to reduce spider numbers and make spider sightings a rare event.

Why Spiders Get Inside

spider on glass door

If you want to keep spiders out, you need to know why they get inside. There are three primary reasons:

1. Spiders get into your home because they can. If a spider finds a gap or a hole, it is likely to explore it. This leads spiders from the outside to the inside.

2. The more spiders you have around your home, the more spiders you'll have getting into your home.

3. Spiders enter homes when conditions outside are unfavorable. The most common factor is cold weather, but not for the reason you may think. Spiders have a natural antifreeze and are able to survive cold temperatures. They don't go inside to flee the cold but to eat the insects that flee from the cold.

Entry Points

A spider can get into your home from the bottom to the top. It can be difficult to seal entry points in your roofline and around roof penetrations, but entry points near the ground can often be easily addressed. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Replace the weather stripping around your doors if you see gaps.

  • Replace door sweeps that are damaged.

  • Replace or fix window and door screens.

  • Use a caulking gun to seal gaps around door and window frames, or to fill in holes that have been created by wood-destroying pests.

  • Seal cracks in your foundation walls.

  • Repair chipped mortar.

  • Repair broken window panes.

Reduce Spiders

There are many ways to reduce spiders around your Denver home. It may sound like a chore, but removing spider webs can have a big impact on spider populations. One web can have hundreds of eggs. Many spider species create egg sacs on their webs. If you remove and destroy spider webs, you can prevent hundreds of new spiders from appearing around, or inside, your home.

Another important way you can reduce spider populations and decrease spider activity is to reduce the food they eat. Spiders eat insects and invertebrates. Here are a few of the many ways you can lower insect and invertebrate populations:

  • Keep your exterior lights off at night. Insects are attracted to light. Obviously, this does not apply in areas where security is an issue.

  • Keep your drapes and shades drawn at night to keep the light inside.

  • Replace white bulbs with yellow, insect-resistant bulbs.

  • Keep your exterior trash in covered containers.

  • Keep your trash containers clean to reduce smells that attract pests.

  • Have your trash removed from your property weekly.

  • Make sure your gutters are free of obstructions and breaks.

  • Fix leaky sprinkler heads and leaking hoses.

  • Rake leaves and remove them from your property.

  • Pick up sticks and remove wood debris from the perimeter around your home.

Interior Pest Control

When spiders get into your home, they usually don't show themselves in public areas and prefer to stay in hidden, secluded places. If you're seeing webs in your common areas, it's because you have an interior pest control issue, such as fruit flies, fungus flies, cluster flies, carpet beetles, etc. It may also be that you have a fall pest problem, such as Asian lady beetles, stink bugs, or boxelder bugs. Spiders set webs up to catch flying and crawling pests. If you want spiders gone, you have to address interior pest control issues.

At face value, it may sound like having spiders around isn't a bad idea, since they catch interior pests. Unfortunately, spiders make terrible pest control technicians. Not only do they create unsightly webs and are quite frightening to have around, but they also don't have the dedication of a human pest control technician. If you want to live in a pest-free environment, it is best to hire an actual pest control specialist. We have some pest control technicians here at White Knight Pest Control who would be happy to assist you!

If you live in Denver or the surrounding area, reach out to the pest control experts at White Knight Pest Control. We can help you select the right pest control treatment plan for your specific needs and budget. There's no better way to reduce insects, spiders, and other problematic pests!