How To Keep Crickets Out Of Your Austin Home

We hear them chirping at night. The males rub their wings together and sing a song to lure the females. This song can be soothing when you sit on your back deck and listen. But it isn't soothing at all when crickets get into your home and start their serenade just as you're about to go to sleep. The sound of crickets inside your home can be downright annoying. This isn't the only problem with having crickets in your house. The house cricket, known scientifically as Acheta domesticus, can be a destructive pest. It's like the goat of the insect world. It eats fungi, plants, and insects, both alive and dead. They also eat clothing, carpets, upholstered furniture, drapes, curtains, and more. And they leave their feces everywhere. Believe us when we say, you are much better without house crickets in your Austin home. Here are some ways you can keep them out.

Reduce Light

house cricket on wooden floor

House crickets are attracted to light. Many of the bugs they eat are also attracted to light. If you reduce light around your home, you can lower the pest population.

  • The simple solution is to keep lights off at night. Obviously, this is not the best option in areas that are a security concern.

  • Replacing white bulbs with yellow bulbs can help. Insects are far less attracted to yellow light.

  • Use heavy draperies to keep light from leaking out of your windows and glass doors at night.

  • Keep in mind that ground lighting and light coming out of basement windows are the most enticing sources.

Remove Moist Habitats

House crickets need moisture and they are drawn to warm moist areas. If you reduce moisture around your home, you can make your perimeter resistant to house crickets.

  • Inspect your gutter system for obstructions or breaks. Clean blockages and repair breaks.

  • Give the plants in your landscaping enough water to soak the roots. You want the water you give them to dry up on the topsoil. Avoid oversaturation.

  • Address conditions that allow puddles to form. Standing water will give crickets a drink.

  • Repair any damaged plumbing, especially spigots that are leaking.

Keep Up With Yard Work

House crickets, and other insects, feel more at home around your home if it is overgrown. When you keep up with your yard work, you make your perimeter less desirable.

  • Keep your lawn trimmed to the appropriate level.

  • Remove weeds and any superfluous plants in your landscaping.

  • Rake leaves up and away from your foundation. Be sure to get leaves that are underneath decks, porches, and stairs.

  • Move woodpiles, sticks, and brush piles away from your exterior.

Interior Reduction And Control

When house crickets get into your home, you're not helpless to do something about it, though it might feel like you are. Here are a few tips:

  • Install dehumidifiers in damp locations within your home. House crickets prefer high humidity.

  • If you have an unprotected crawl space under your home, consider having it encapsulated. This will get control of the moisture.

  • When you take a shower or bath, be sure to use the fan in your bathroom. This vents the moisture out.

  • Repair leaky faucets in your home. This eliminates standing water and reduces humidity.

  • If you see crickets or crickets eggs, use a vacuum to suck them up. Dispose of the vacuum back outside when you're done.

How We Can Help

If you're dealing with crickets in your Austin home, the best solution is to contact White Knight Pest Control. We use field-tested methods and EPA-approved products to locate and eliminate crickets and other household pests. We can also provide annual pest control for your home. Our annual service comes with routine inspections, spider web removal, wasp nest removal, weep hole injections, yard granulation, appropriate treatments, interior treatments, and treatments for your attic and garage. All of our pest control services adhere to the standards of Integrated Pest Management. So you can expect that environmentally friendly solutions will be used first and applications of pest products will only be used where warranted.
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