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Everything is bigger in Texas, and here in Georgetown, residents couldn't agree more! Referred to as the Red Poppy Capital of Texas, Georgetown is currently the 7th fastest growing city in America. More than 50,000 people already work and play here, with many more thousands on the way! A humid subtropical climate allows the people of Georgetown to do almost anything, from swimming at the Blue Hole to exploring historic lands just outside the city. But these warm temperatures don’t just benefit humans. Alas, the growing presence of people, the rising summer temperatures, and the humid atmosphere give rise to one of the biggest pest Petri dishes in America’s southwest states.

Everything is bigger in Georgetown, so battling pest infestations common to this area can feel like an enormous burden. White Knight Pest Control understands the fear that comes with pests and has been proud to offer treatments and solutions since 2006. Request your free estimate today by calling our team as soon as possible!

Residential Pest Control In Georgetown, TX

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Owning a home in Georgetown is living in a small slice of the American dream. As a place to rest, relax and make lasting memories, your home should be a safe place all year long. Family members, friends, and loved ones rely on you to keep them safe, especially while living on your property. Why would you risk everyone you love on a dangerous pest infestation?

There is no rhyme or reason why pests choose to infest. Much of their activity appears during the warm season or triggers as a response to additional attractant factors. That’s why we at White Knight Pest Control cover pest exclusion and prevention methods from A to Z. Our residential pest control treatments take a three-step approach to eliminating pests:

1. We inspect all corners of the home for signs of pest activity. 

2. We provide a customized pest control plan for all clients.

3. We return to the home to provide additional support and monitoring assistance. 

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Commercial Pest Control In Georgetown, TX

Georgetown is growing faster than almost any city in America, with thousands of new residents and customers appearing every year. To keep up with the demand, commercial business owners all over town will need to make their businesses stronger, more actionable, and higher quality than any of their competitors. Of course, this is not possible with the threat of pest invasion just around the corner. If you do not yet have a commercial pest control program for your Georgetown business, you may be risking the survival of your livelihood.

White Knight Pest Control’s unique approach to business pest plans takes the guesswork out of prevention and elimination. We offer both one-time treatments, ongoing services, and specialized treatments for any type of pest problem. No matter what your schedule or pest problems look like, White Knight Pest Control is here to answer the call. We serve businesses just like yours. Check out the industries we serve:

  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants And Ghost Kitchens 
  • Government Facilities 
  • Educational Buildings 
  • Warehouses And Industrial Units

Let White Knight Pest Control help with what we do best – total pest annihilation! Get a free estimate for your project now.

How To Get Rid Of Rodents In Georgetown, TX

Rodents are not just annoying household imposters, but extremely dangerous ones as well. Here in Georgetown, we often experience issues associated with three rodent species: rats, mice, and squirrels. While squirrels rarely enter the home unless pushed or encouraged, rats and mice will take any opportunity to infiltrate the house. These creatures can fit through some of the tiniest holes in the house, sometimes as small as the diameter of a quarter. Unless they are controlled properly, they will become very serious (and sometimes chronic) infestations. Here’s how to get rid of your Georgetown rodent problem:

  • Seal or caulk any entry points around the house. 
  • Start storing food items in their proper containers. 
  • Keep all garbage and food waste in plastic bags and their associated bins. 
  • Get an initial rodent inspection to assess your property’s risk factors.

Reach out to the Georgetown branch of White Knight Pest Control at your earliest convenience to start with our effective rodent control.

The Benefits Of Pro Termite Control In Georgetown, TX

 Eliminating termites through professional treatment isn’t just the smart option, it’s the best one!

1. Professional termite control is cost-effective, time-sensitive, and very efficient. 

2. Do-it-yourself (DIY) home remedies cannot eliminate preexisting termite conditions, professional methods can.

3. White Knight Pest Control is frequently updating and re-certifying our pest technicians, ensuring that every termite treatment is the best it can be. 

Learn more about our termite control treatments here


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