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Standing prominently on the northeastern half of the Fort Worth Metroplex, the bustling town of Garland, TX is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Texas. Easy access to downtown Dallas and all its accompaniments is a highlight of this busy city, as well as the numerous historical neighborhoods, event centers, and landscaping features. Residents of Garland, TX can catch a show at the Granville Arts Center, window shop along downtown boulevards, and enjoy scenic outdoor vistas only available in this exclusive area. 

Unfortunately, humans and their pets are not the only creatures to grace the streets of this historic bedroom community. A host of dangerous pests that include bed bugs, mosquitoes, termites, and even rodents are crawling through the wilderness spaces of Garland, TX. These pests bring diseases, contaminates, and property damage everywhere they go, wreaking havoc on the home or business you hold so dear.
That’s where White Knight Pest Control enters the scene. Striding into action like a gallant hero of old, our team is ready for battle on any home, business, or property. We provide numerous monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly pest programs, including residential, commercial, and one-time services. Give our technician a call today for assistance with pest control efforts big and small.

Residential Pest Control In Garland, TX

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Nothing could be worse than developing a pest problem in your Garland, TX home. Not only are pests dangerous, often destructive members of the household, but their infestations rarely get better before they get worse. Prevention techniques and mitigations may help to dissuade their arrival, but there is no magic trick for removing an infestation once it has arrived.
Trust the experts at White Knight Pest Control to defeat your pest issues, providing a five-point process that removes the threat of insects for good.

Our team always begins with a thorough inspection, rooting out pests and their attractants one by one. Next, your personal White Knight Pest Control technician will perform pest prevention steps such as eave sweeps, weep hole injections, yard granulations, and indoor and outdoor spray treatments.

Finally, our experts will utilize Integrated Pest Management techniques to keep your home safe and sound for years to come.
Unfortunately, your pest problems will not magically disappear. Get the home pest control services you need with pest experts at White Knight Pest Control today! 

Commercial Pest Control In Garland, TX

You’ve spent months, years, even decades working to build something you can be proud of. Piece by piece, you’ve pulled together an outstanding business that operates successfully under your watchful eye. However, as it goes in every story of old, nothing can remain peaceful all the time. What will you do when dangerous pest species such as rats, cockroaches, and termites make their way into your business?
Choose from an arsenal of trained pest fighters by calling on White Knight Pest Control, the Garland, TX go-to provider of trustworthy, affordable pest control services. It only takes four simple steps to begin protecting your home:

  • Select a unique service plan.

  • Schedule your first pest control service.

  • Keep up regular treatments with scheduled services.

  • Enjoy our pest control service guarantee.

Ready to get started? Call or visit the Garland, TX office of White Knight Pest Control and get the commercial pest protection you need today.

Benefits Of Professional Lawn Services In Garland, TX  

The grass in your front yard is more than just a plant: it’s a symbol of patience, peace, and all you’ve worked so hard to achieve. That is one of the many reasons why Garland, TX homeowners rely on professional lawn care services to keep their lawn and gardens in tip-top shape.
Here are some benefits to adding professional lawn services to your monthly regimen:

  • Fuller, healthier, greener grass

  • Reduced chances for pest infestations such as moles, wasps, or ants

  • Consistently new leaf growth

  • Drought and scalding heat resistance

For more information about professional lawn care services in Garland, TX, please contact the team at White Knight Pest Control at your earliest convenience.

Do You Know How Much Damage Termites Cause In Garland, TX?

Termites are destructive pests, but few homeowners truly recognize the extent to which these insects can destroy a home.
Termites can cause over five billion dollars worth of damage to households worldwide. Much of this damage is irreversible and requires extensive repair work. Worse still is the fact that homeowners insurance will not cover termite damage unless explicitly listed on the policy. This is largely because pest infestations are considered to be preventable conditions by most insurance companies.
If you are concerned that termites could get the best of you, you are not alone. Schedule a home inspection through the professionals at White Knight Pest Control to get prevention, treatments, exclusion services, and more.


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