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Fort Collins is known for its beautiful parks and natural spaces, which are a staple of this part of Colorado. But closeness to nature also has a drawback: it means our properties overlap with the natural habitats of many kinds of pests. This is why local property owners need to partner with pest control experts and start thinking of protecting their homes or businesses early before an infestation causes problems.

Residential Pest Control In Fort Collins, CO

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A lot of homeowners think that pests are just a problem that happens to other people. Maybe they don’t keep as clean of a house as you, you might assume, or they live in a home that’s just too accessible for invasive species. But here’s the dirty little secret: all homes are at risk of pest infestations. Even clean homes have plenty of access points and ways for pests to get inside. So, it’s really not a question of if you’ll get pests but when. This is why it’s smart for any homeowner to have a partnership with local experts who can inspect your property and guarantee protection.

At White Knight Pest Control, we have a track record of protecting local homeowners thanks to these features of our services:

  • Exterior & Interior Treatments: We don’t just focus on the areas where the pests happen to be, or wherever the immediate source of the problem appears. Instead, we do comprehensive treatments that account for your yard, interior, and exterior.

  • Additional Pest Control: There are all kinds of pests that may persist or still move in after professional treatments, which is why the best form of control comes from ongoing inspections and services. This is also why we offer specialty services for pests like ants, bed bugs, gophers, and others that might not be affected by our general treatment options.

  • Service Guarantee: We have so much faith in our thorough process that our services are backed by a guarantee. If the pests aren’t gone after we’re done, we come back at no extra charge to make sure the job is complete.

For residential pest control in Fort Collins, turn to White Knight Pest Control.

Commercial Pest Control In Fort Collins, CO

Trying to find a pest control contractor for your business can be a total pain in the neck. From online ratings and service packages to corporate-owned companies and grassroots startups, it can be impossible to know exactly what you’ll get until the technicians show up to your property. But you need a more reliable system than that when it comes to protecting your business. That’s why White Knight Pest Control aims to make the process hassle-free and effective.

Here are the features of our services that you can rely on:

  • Customized Treatments: We don’t lump a bunch of services you may not need in just to get more money from you. Instead, we craft control plans that match your business and your budget.

  • Flexible Scheduling: We know that you can’t have a bunch of disruptions to your day-to-day operations, which is why we offer flexible scheduling that works around your needs.

  • Green Solutions: We offer environmentally friendly solutions to avoid harmful chemicals around your property.

For commercial pest control, you can trust, turn to White Knight Pest Control today.

How To Tell If Your Fort Collins Home Has Bed Bugs

One of the things that makes bed bugs such nasty pests is that people don’t often know that they have an infestation until long after it has begun. These biting parasites can be carried in on contaminated items or even just by clinging to people’s belongings.

That’s why you need to be on the lookout for bed bug activity, which takes the following forms:

  • Bites: Bed bugs feed on our blood and this results in itchy welts. Bites are a sure sign that a population has already moved in.

  • Eggs: Bed bug eggs are small, yellowish, or cream-colored kernels that are often hidden in dark areas and not found out in the open. If you spot bed bug eggs, you need to call the pros immediately because they will soon hatch into an even bigger problem.

  • Stains: Not only can the bleeding caused by bites lead to red spots on your sheets and furniture, but hatching bed bug eggs can leave yellow or brown stains behind, too.

If you notice any of these signs of bed bugs, don’t try to get rid of them on your own. Contact the experts at White Knight Pest Control today.

What You Need To Know About Ticks In Fort Collins

Did you know ticks aren’t insects? They may look like other tiny bugs, but they are actually arachnids, cousins of spiders and scorpions rather than beetles or ants. That said, ticks are just as bad as other parasites, possibly even worse because of the dangerous diseases they can spread. For ticks, the big one is Lyme Disease, which can be commonly found in deer ticks. Despite what their name suggests, these pests don’t just bite deer or other wildlife. They will also feed on people and our dogs and cats.

It’s important to protect you and your property from a tick infestation before one is already growing. To do that, you need the guidance of experts, like those found at White Knight Pest Control. We can quickly eliminate ticks and make sure they don’t pose larger risks to you. More importantly, we can treat your property before they are even a problem so you never have to worry about ticks in the future. To really protect your Fort Collins property from parasitic pests, contact White Knight Pest Control today.


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