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Farmington, UT, is a stunning city known for its beautiful, scenic views. Surrounded by the Wasatch Mountains, it provides all the adventure one could ask for. One adventure we certainly aren’t interested in facing, however, is the presence of pests. These intruders seek entry into our homes and businesses all throughout the year, and that exposes us to the dangers of pest infestation. If you’re looking for dependable pest protection, you’ve come to the right place.  
White Knight Pest Control provides residential and commercial pest control solutions to properties throughout Davis County, and the surrounding areas. Since 2006, we’ve worked hard to provide a comprehensive scope of service, building lasting relationships with each and every one of our valued customers. Our team puts in the time, care, and attention to effectively treat your pest problem from the inside out. Call us today, and we’ll get your initial service visit scheduled as soon as possible.

Residential Pest Control In Farmington, UT

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As a homeowner, it’s important for you to consider the threat of pest infestation. Household pest activity can have a long list of serious consequences for you and your loved ones, which is why professional pest control services are the best way to go. White Knight Pest Control offers dependable residential pest solutions that Farmington homeowners can trust all year long. Using IPM (Integrated Pest Management) strategies and environmentally friendly pest products, we treat your pest problem at its source, targeting the root of the infestation to bring you guaranteed results that last. 
Our Platinum Shield Protection program provides you with a protective treatment up to 12 ft. from the foundation. Our plans cover flea treatments, termite management, and a slew of common area pest problems. We also throw on fire ant mound and wasp nest removal at no extra charge. Once treatment is completed, we’ll return monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly to keep things pest-free all year long. Reach out to us today for 50% off your initial service visit. 

Commercial Pest Control In Farmington, UT

The best way to protect your Farmington business from pest infestation is to get in touch with the team at White Knight Pest Control. Our commercial pest solutions give local business owners complete protection from infestation. Using trusted pest management methods and extermination treatments, we cut off the source of the infestation, and keep it from spreading any further. After that, we’ll return for follow up treatments to keep things totally pest-free and protected. 
No matter the nature of your pest infestation, we’ve got the experience to help. Our team of highly trained pest technicians are dedicated to your complete safety and satisfaction, working hard to solve your pest problem, big or small. In addition to our basic pest control services, we specialize in dealing with mosquitoes, bed bugs, termites, ants, and German cockroaches. Get in touch with us to discuss our annual service plans, and how we can help protect your business from harm.

How To Get Rid Of Flies In Farmington, UT

Flies aren’t just extremely annoying; they also pose a real threat to your health. As they travel around, flies touch down on all kinds of bacteria-ridden places. They land on dead animals, rotting food sources, piles of manure, and mountains of trash. They expose you to many pathogens, which can lead to disease.
If you want to get rid of flies in your home or business, you’re going to need more than a fly swatter. It’s important to be proactive, doing everything you can to keep flies away from your property. To give you some ideas of the preventative measures you can take, consider the level of sanitation around your home. Flies are drawn to dirty dishes, clogged drains, crumbs and spills. They are attracted to food sources and exposed trash. You should also address all potential entry points, blocking them off and sealing cracks and crevices. 
The most effective way to protect your property from flies is to contact the pest professionals. White Knight Pest Control is here to help. We are highly experienced in the complete detection, extermination, and prevention of fly activity, and our team always delivers lasting results. Call us today to discuss your fly control needs.

Three Signs Your Farmington Home Is In Need Of Professional Termite Control

Termite activity poses a serious threat to you and your loved ones. Why? Well, they have the ability to completely destroy the structural integrity of your home, making it an unsafe environment for your family. This seriously compromises their safety, and it can lead to very expensive property damage. Catching any termite activity as early as possible is important in order to prevent the spread of the infestation. Here are three common signs that indicate the presence of termites in your Farmington home:

  • Visible cracks and crevices along the foundation.

  • Wings discarded on the floor near doors and windows.

  • Mud tubes traveling to the structure of your home, and openings along your foundation.

For the best termite control and prevention services, there’s still no assurance like professional pest protection. White Knight Pest Control provides effective termite treatments that not only eliminate the problem, but protect you from future infestation moving forward. Give us a call today to discuss your termite control needs; we’re here to help you.


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