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Effective Pest Control Services In Denton, TX

The city of Denton, TX, offers Texans the perfect combination of metropolitan life and suburban charm. It makes it a real pleasure to live and work here, so it makes sense why we get so many visitors throughout the year. Unfortunately, pests are included on that list of visitors, as unwelcome as they may be. Local pest populations are eager to get into Denton homes and businesses in search of food, water, and shelter sources. That exposes you to the perils of infestation, and it’s important to secure the proper protection.
That’s where we come in. Welcome to White Knight Pest Control, Denton’s premier source for quality pest solutions. Since 2006, we’ve been servicing local homes and businesses with comprehensive pest control services and superb customer service. Our team of highly trained pest technicians is dedicated to your complete safety and satisfaction, and we work hard to build lasting relationships with our customers. Reach out to us to discuss your residential and commercial pest control needs today.

Residential Pest Control In Denton, TX

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Your Denton home is where you and your family are meant to feel completely safe and protected, but that’s just not possible when pest infestations enter the picture. Your home is susceptible to the nightmare of pest infestation, and the only way to get the lasting protection that you and your loved ones deserve is to rely on a team of experienced pest professionals. White Knight Pest Control provides reliable residential pest control services that Denton homeowners can count on.
Our Platinum Shield Protection program gives you lasting, guaranteed pest protection that you can feel good about. Our treatment plans cover all common pests around the Denton area, and we offer specialized treatments in mosquito control, bed bug removal, termite management, ant control, and German cockroach control. Once we finish your customized treatment, we return monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly to keep things pest-free all year long. Contact us for 50% off your initial service visit.

Commercial Pest Control In Denton, TX

Local pest populations are drawn to the variety of pest attractants that could be present throughout your business. Pests can be pretty sneaky about gaining entry, and once they find their way in, they spread quickly, wreak havoc, and can be very difficult to eliminate. These reasons and more are why we strongly suggest professional pest control services for all Denton businesses and commercial properties. Our commercial pest solutions give local business owners complete protection from pest infestations of every shape and size.
After completing a thorough inspection of the premises, we’ll come up with a treatment plan that is tailor-made to suit your needs. Our treatments are implemented using environmentally-friendly pest products and dependable Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies. By disrupting pest reproductive cycles, we’re able to cut off the source of the infestation and keep it from growing without harming your family, pets, or the surrounding ecosystem.  
Whatever your pest problems may be, White Knight can help. Don’t lose customers, employees, and reputation as a result of pest problems around your business or commercial property. Call us today to learn more.

Signs Of Rodent Activity In Your Denton, TX Home

Some people may find mice and rats cute, but the cute factor quickly goes away when these hairy little rodents get into your house uninvited. These unsanitary pests cause widespread contamination, exposing you and your loved ones to many adverse health conditions. 
Once rodents get into a home, they’ll never leave on their own. With all the hazards they bring to homes they infest, it’s always best to know the warning signs of a rodent infestation so you can call an expert for help if these nocturnal pests get into your Denton home. Pay attention to these common signs of rodent activity so that you can be proactive in your rodent control efforts:

  • Droppings around active areas.

  • Holes chewed through floors and walls.

  • Marks of rubbing and gnawing where they travel along walls.

  • Nesting materials (shredded paper, fabric, dried plant matter).

  • Scampering and scratching noises at night from inside the walls.

  • Signs of chewing on food packaging.

If you detect any of these indications, you likely have a larger rodent infestation on your hands. The safest and most effective way to deal with a rodent problem is to call the pros at White Knight Pest Control. We are highly experienced in the accurate identification, extermination, and prevention of rodent activity, and we’re ready to help. Call us today for a detailed estimate and inspection.

Common Indications Of Bed Bug Infestation In Denton, TX

Bed bugs are a real nightmare, and Denton property owners should know a few things about them to protect themselves. Bed bugs are nocturnal, meaning they only emerge at night. They usually hide away all day in dark, remote harborage areas like the folds of linens and bedding. Once we’re asleep, they feed on our blood. 
Because bed bugs are a notoriously difficult pest to eliminate once an infestation begins, it’s important to know the warning signs of a bed bug infestation so that you can call a professional for help immediately. To detect bed bug activity, look out for the following warning signs around your Denton home:

  • Small red blood stains and brown, rusty excrement spots on sheets and linens.

  • Eggshell casings left around active areas and harborage sites.

  • Waking up with a line of red bites that you didn’t have when you went to sleep the night before.

If you notice any of the signs above, it’s important that you contact the pest professionals immediately. White Knight Pest Control offers quality bed bug control treatments that effectively eliminate these parasitic pests from your space. Contact us today to get started.


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