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Effective Pest Control Services In Cottonwood Heights, UT

As part of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, this town is a laid-back suburb full of residences while remaining close to plenty of commercial properties. With so many people so close together, pest infestations can occur at a moment's notice. Without a proactive pest control plan, your home or place of business can suffer greatly thanks to property damage, disease transmission, and even threats to your safety.

For this reason, our team at White Knight Pest Control provides effective yet affordable pest control solutions for the residents of Cottonwood Heights. Since 2006, we've been on the front lines of our customer's pest control needs. Don't wait to experience the best results possible by contacting a member of our team today!

Residential Pest Control In Cottonwood Heights, UT

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Without a doubt, one of your highest priorities as a homeowner has to be keeping unwanted pests outside where they belong. Unfortunately, this isn't always possible without a little extra help. Fortunately, we're here for you every step of the way, so you can remain focused on what matters to you the most.

We offer an excellent residential pest control program designed to handle your needs throughout the entire year. No two pest problems are the same, which is why we offer three different plans depending on your needs. Remain pest-free all year long when you sign up with White Knight Pest Control. Contact our technicians today to discover which of our home pest control plans is the one for you

Commercial Pest Control In Cottonwood Heights, UT

In all of your plans for a successful business, we're willing to bet that a pest infestation or several wasn't a part of them. Pests aren't just annoying to deal with. They also disrupt your business and harm your bottom line if given enough time. Fortunately, with the assistance of our commercial pest control program, pest infestations that disrupt your business will become a thing of the past.

We provide superior protection against pests by using the most advanced pest control techniques available. Even better, we customize our approach to your unique needs and business type for a perfect solution. Explore your commercial pest control options by contacting one of our technicians today. We're ready to help you keep your business and reputation protected.

Five Strategies To Avoiding Earwig Infestations In Cottonwood Heights, UT 

Despite their creepy appearance, earwigs aren't too much of a problem for people in Cottonwood Heights. They usually stay outside, but to ensure they never come inside, we have five ways to avoid an infestation:

1. Eliminate sources of excessive moisture

2. Perform any needed repairs on pipes, faucets, and more

3. Practice effective landscaping by removing leaves, mulch, and more from your yard

4. Keep gutters free of debris

5. Seal all potential entry points including cracks and crevices

With professional pest control services, you can enjoy an easier time keeping a pest-free home. Contact our technicians today to explore your options and take the first steps.

Do It Yourself (DIY) vs. Professional Termite Control In Cottonwood Heights, UT

Termites are highly destructive to your property, which is why there's no dispute about the fact they don't belong on your property. However, a lot of people still wonder about DIY vs. professional termite control. Fortunately, we have a breakdown to help you make a decision. Our breakdown is as follows:

  • Expertise: Properly eliminating a termite infestation requires knowing exactly what kind of termite has invaded, the size of the infestation, climate, and other factors, which the average person likely doesn't know. Point professionals.
  • Cost: At first glance, DIY seems cheaper than jumping all the way in for professional solutions. However, any treatments purchased over the counter are much weaker than their commercial counterparts, which means you have to buy more. Plus, some cases require repeated treatments. Point professionals.
  • Convenience: With DIY, you just go to the store to get what you need and then start treating. Professional termite control requires scheduling and coordination. Point DIY.
  • Effectiveness: With DIY, you'll get results exactly where you notice there's a problem. However, those solutions don't treat areas you don't know about. Professionals can address where the infestation has spread. Point professionals.
  • Guarantee: Most products have a guarantee, but that doesn't mean more of the same product will get the job done. However, professionals offer service guarantees where they'll treat in-between regular visits as needed. Point professionals.

Don't settle for anything less than the best solution possible for your termite problem. Contact our technicians today to explore your termite control options and experience a termite-free home.


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