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Advanced Pest Control Solutions In Cedar Hills, UT

On the slopes of Mount Timpanogos, Cedar Hills is a beautiful city in Utah County. It is a beautiful place to live with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, but people aren’t the only ones who want to live in Cedar Hills. Keep unwanted pests out of your Cedar Hills home or business by working with the skilled pest management professionals here at White Knight Pest Control. We are proud to provide superior protection against the area’s toughest pests by utilizing advanced treatment methods and prevention strategies. If insects, rodents, spiders, or other pests are causing problems in your Cedar Hills home or business, the professionals from White Knight Pest Control can help. Take back your property from pests by reaching out to our skilled pest technicians today. We’re happy to provide immediate assistance with all of your residential and commercial pest control needs.

Residential Pest Control In Cedar Hills, UT

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Every homeowner deserves to feel comfortable and relaxed in their home. But invading pests threaten your relaxation and comfort by damaging your property, spreading dangerous bacteria, and harming your family. To protect your Cedar Hills home and family from the many problems pest infestations cause, the professionals at White Knight Pest Control provide excellent residential pest control solutions. No matter what type of pest problem you’re going through, you can count on our skilled pest technicians to have you covered. At White Knight Pest Control, we understand that no two homes are the same, which is why we customize our residential treatments to fit the specific needs of your home, schedule, and family. If you’re ready for a future free of pest problems, professional home pest control services from White Knight Pest Control are right for you. Give us a call today to get started or to request your free estimate.

Commercial Pest Control In Cedar Hills, UT

Protecting your Cedar Hills business from pests requires a lot of time and effort. And with all of the other responsibilities you have to keep track of, you might not have time to handle a pest infestation. At White Knight Pest Control, we’re proud to protect your business from pests so that you don’t have to. Through ongoing treatments and excellent pest management methods, we protect a wide variety of industries from the most common pest threats. Our comprehensive commercial pest control plans are designed with your needs in mind, which means you can trust us to keep your Cedar Hills business free of pests year-round. Learn more about our commercial pest control offerings by contacting White Knight Pest Control today.

What Is Attracting Spiders To My Cedar Hills Home?

Many people are terrified of spiders—and for good reason. Spiders are creepy-looking pests with eight legs, multiple eyes, and venomous fangs. Though spiders typically try to stay out of sight, they do occasionally invade Cedar Hills homes. Spiders are nomadic pests that will follow their food source, which in their case are insects. These frightening pests move indoors for two main reasons. To find a mate or move closer to their insect prey. Unfortunately, if you notice a spider problem in your home, there’s a good chance you also have an insect infestation on your hands. The best way to eliminate spiders and other common pests from your Cedar Hills home is to implement an effective pest control plan from White Knight Pest Control. Contact us today for more information about our spider control options.

Cedar Hills's Guide To Termite Control

Out of the wide range of pests that can get into your Cedar Hills home or business, termites are one of the most destructive. These social insects live in massive colonies that can contain over one million termites. However, it’s important to remember that even small termite colonies are capable of causing significant damage to your property. A colony of 60,000 termites is enough to eat through an entire 2x4 plank of wood in as little as six months. To protect your Cedar Hills property from termite damage, here’s what you should know.

  • Termites don’t just infest wood, they eat it! Termites feed on cellulose, which is found in leaf litter, dung, and wooden materials.

  • Termite infestations often involve multiple colonies. When a termite colony matures, it sends out winged reproductive termites to create satellite colonies nearby. Unfortunately, this is why some termite infestations involve multiple colonies in different areas of your property.

  • Termites are silent destroyers. These small insects are capable of infesting your Cedar Hills property and causing extensive damage without being detected. Most termite infestations are only discovered after costly damage has already been done.

If you suspect termites are living in or around your Cedar Hills property, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals from White Knight Pest Control. We’ll work with you to identify, eliminate, and prevent termite infestations at their source.


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