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Effective Pest Control Services In Bluffdale, UT

The home and business owners of Bluffdale are familiar with pest problems. Our climate seems to draw in many of them (and the worst of them). If you’re trying to deal with pest issues on your own, you’re taking a chance on health dangers and property damage that you may not even be aware of. 

What if you had the power of nearly 15 years of experience in the pest control industry on your side as you defend your home or business against pests? White Knight Pest Control has been serving the Bluffdale, UT area since 2006 as a proud member of the National Pest Management Association. Since we’re family-owned and operated, we treat all of our residential and commercial customers like members of the family, which is why our service packages include free estimates for existing customers and pest-free guarantees for our continuous services. Give us a call today to start your journey toward a pest-free property. 

Residential Pest Control In Bluffdale, UT

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A pest problem in your home can be a very stressful thing, especially when the same problems keep popping up. Instead of putting your home and family at risk of further property damage and health concerns, why not let the pros handle your pest control problems? 

At White Knight Pest Control, we put family first, and this includes yours . That’s why we offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly services in accordance with your property and budget needs. These options, along with our pest-free guarantee, are just a few of the reasons why we have over 40,000 satisfied residential customers in the Bluffdale, UT area. Give us a call today to get your pest needs taken care of for good. 

Commercial Pest Control In Bluffdale, UT

Being a business owner in Bluffdale means that you’re constantly trying to convince the people in the community that you’re the right choice. We know how it is. Your reputation means a lot, but nothing can ruin that reputation faster than pest problems in your facility. 

Along with risks to your reputation, pest problems will also ruin your inventory and put your employees and customers at risk of health complications. That’s why White Knight Pest Control services more than 300 businesses in Bluffdale and the surrounding areas, putting our vast experience to work on your behalf. No matter what kind of facility you have, our monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly packages can guarantee that your customers will never witness a pest problem in your business. Give us a call today to start protecting your investment, facility, employees, and customers

Ant Control: How To Tell If You Should Call The Pros In Bluffdale, UT

There are a variety of pest issues that plague Bluffdale properties, and all of them can bring their own type of danger or damage. For instance, carpenter ants are an invasive species in the area that can do considerable damage to your home, over time. Also, there are a variety of other ant species that will cause health problems for all of those living in the house.

When you notice ants crawling through the yard or along your driveway, that is an indication of a possible future problem in the house. Fortunately, our continuous pest control services can ensure an ant-free home for you and your family. Plus, if you are signed up for monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly services, we will come to address any surprise ant problems for free. 

There are plenty of things you can try on your own to keep ants out of the house, but why would you take that chance with home damage and health hazards on the line? Call White Knight Pest Control to set up an appointment today and find out about how we can guarantee an ant-free home. 

Three Termite Control Tips For Bluffdale Residents 

Termites are one of the most destructive pests that Bluffdale residents need to worry about. Typically, if a termite infestation lasts more than 18 months, they can do over $3,000’ worth of damage to your property. Here are three ways that you can decrease your risks of incurring a termite infestation: 

  • Manage moisture buildup around the house to decrease termite attraction.

  • Replace any wood damaged by moisture and store any wood piles away from the house.

  • Limit soil-to-wood contact with a buffer around the foundation of the house. 

While these methods can help limit your chances of termite issues, there are no guarantees when it comes to these destructive pests. If you want assurances, then professional prevention solutions are just a phone call away.  White Knight Pest Control has the experience and the technology to deal with termites in sustainable ways. First, we’ll inspect your property carefully for the signs of an infestation that are difficult to notice with an untrained eye. If we don’t notice any problems, we’ll give you a clear picture of the best forms of protection we can provide for your specific property. 

If we do notice issues, we’ll suggest treatment plans that can eradicate the problem entirely. Either way, trusting your property to White Knight Pest Control can save you thousands of dollars, so don’t delay. Call us today to schedule a professional termite inspection. 


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