termites infesting a home

All The Ways You Could Be Wrong About Termites In Salt Lake City


Termites are some of the worst wood-eating insects on the planet, and many Salt Lake City homes and businesses have sustained significant damage due to these pests. Five billion dollars are spent each year in the U.S. on prevention for and repair from termites. Because termites typically live and breed in foundations and behind walls and out of sight, most people won't know they have a termite problem until damage has already be... Read More

swarming termites lying on the ground

What Phoenix Property Owners Ought To Know About Subterranean Termites


There aren’t many worse feelings than finding out you need to pay for costly home repairs due to termite damage. Odds are, you wouldn’t even know your home was being damaged until it was too late. That’s because subterranean termites seldom make their presence known when they infest a home. As such, it’s important to take the proper preventive steps to help keep these destructive pests out of your Phoenix... Read More

termite activity in wood walls

Five Signs Your Denver Home May Have A Termite Problem


Most homeowners understand that termites can be devastating on any property. However, few know exactly why some houses wind up with termite damage and others are spared. Is it dumb luck? In reality, the best termite prevention strategies start by knowing the signs of an infestation.... Read More


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