Mosquitoes biting a child in a yard.

Five Plants That Will Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your San Antonio Yard


What’s a Texas summer without 15 or 20 dozen mosquito bites? Probably a happy and peaceful one, but the battle with mosquitos in warm weather seems to be a losing one for many families who spend time outdoors. Because of this, people are always looking for natural solutions to mosquito problems. ... Read More

a mosquito biting a san antonio resident

What Smells Do San Antonio Mosquitoes Hate?


We might hate mosquitoes to our very core, but these little creatures have nothing but love for us! Mosquitoes are almost entirely reliant on human beings and other mammals for their reproductive life cycle. The warm weather, high presence of people, and mild winters commonly associated with San Antonio makes the area one of the biggest mosquito hot spots.... Read More


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