Mosquitoes biting a child in a yard.

Five Plants That Will Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your San Antonio Yard


What’s a Texas summer without 15 or 20 dozen mosquito bites? Probably a happy and peaceful one, but the battle with mosquitos in warm weather seems to be a losing one for many families who spend time outdoors. Because of this, people are always looking for natural solutions to mosquito problems. ... Read More

up close image of a mosquito on a blade of grass

How You Could Be Wrong About Mosquitoes In Salt Lake City, UT


Mosquitoes are often said to be the most dangerous animal on the planet because of all the diseases they spread. Mosquitoes are a type of fly. They have six legs, wings and are usually dark in color. The female has an enlarged proboscis, so she can stab through the skin and drink blood. She cannot make eggs unless she has a blood meal first. Females eat nectar and pollen, too, but it is the blood meal that causes the problems. ... Read More

a mosquito on a blade of grass

Phoenix's Complete Mosquito Bite Treatment Guide


Everybody gets bitten by a mosquito sooner or later. It’s such a common occurrence that most of us don’t take the threat seriously. But the truth is that mosquito bites can be incredibly annoying, and knowing how to properly treat mosquito bites in Phoenix can make all the difference. ... Read More

a mosquito that landing on flowers

How To Protect Yourself From Houston, TX Mosquitoes


t's probably not news to you that Houston mosquitoes are annoying. That would be reason enough to take measures to protect yourself from these pests. However, mosquitoes are also dangerous and could spread diseases to you or your loved ones. If you're not already working on a way to protect yourself from mosquitoes, it's time to take action. ... Read More

mosquitoes swarming

All The Ways You Attract Denver Mosquitoes


In Denver’s beautiful environment, it’s not uncommon to spend the majority of your summer outdoors. Whether you’re biking, hiking, or just enjoying a family cookout on the patio, the pesky mosquito always seems to be an uninvited guest. Did you know that mosquitoes are considered one of the most dangerous animals on the planet?... Read More

a mosquito biting a san antonio resident

What Smells Do San Antonio Mosquitoes Hate?


We might hate mosquitoes to our very core, but these little creatures have nothing but love for us! Mosquitoes are almost entirely reliant on human beings and other mammals for their reproductive life cycle. The warm weather, high presence of people, and mild winters commonly associated with San Antonio makes the area one of the biggest mosquito hot spots.... Read More

a mosquito biting a denver resident

The Answers To Denver's Most Common Mosquito Questions 


At White Knight Pest Control, we've had a lot of questions over the years about mosquitoes, their bites, and what to do about them.  Now that the summer season is back in full swing, we wanted to answer all of your pressing mosquito questions before populations spread too thickly. ... Read More

a mosquito biting a human finger

A Handy Guide To Mosquito Prevention For Phoenix Property Owners


When you think about mosquitoes, you probably don’t think about extreme danger.  You might think about preventative measures on your property sometimes, just to get rid of the frustration. However, if you knew how dangerous a mosquito bite could be, you’d probably take your prevention efforts a bit more seriously. ... Read More

a mosquito biting on a human hand

Five Easy Tips To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Denver Property


Nobody wants a mosquito bite. At best, a bite from mosquito results in an annoying itch that can persist for several days. At worst, a mosquito bite can result in contracting a strenuous or even deadly disease. But keeping mosquitoes at bay is sometimes easier said than done. Here are a few tips to get rid of mosquitoes in Denver.... Read More


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