Bed bugs on a wooden headboard.

Answers To Houston's Most Common Bed Bug Questions


Bed bugs are a nightmare for home and business owners in Houston. Not only do they quickly spread from person to person and home to home, but they are hard to get rid of once they've infested a property. In this article, we'll be answering the most common bed bug questions, so you can learn how to prevent, identify, and get rid of an infestation.... Read More

a bed bug biting human skin

All The Problems Bed Bugs Bring To Your Phoenix Home


People think that pest problems only hit dirty or mismanaged properties. Bed bugs prove this assumption wrong. These tiny parasites are incredibly good at spreading from one property to the next and even spotless homes can fall victim to an infestation. Learn how you can stay protected from their bites by learning all you can about invasive bed bugs. ... Read More

bed bug crawling on sheets

Answering Salt Lake City’s Most Commonly Asked Bed Bug Questions


It’s only natural to question what’s true and what's false when it comes to pests. That’s especially true of bed bugs. These bugs are not only easy to get but they are very difficult to eliminate. With so many solutions and prevention measures described online, it can be hard to know what’s proven and what’s bogus. Fortunately, we have a professional perspective.... Read More

a bed bug infesttaion on sheets

Four Signs Your Houston Home Has A Bed Bug Problem


When you have trouble sleeping in your Houston home, what do you think is keeping you awake? Is it stress? Nerves? Nightmares? Sometimes, when trying to quiet our minds, our imagination can run wild, making it feel like there might just be bugs in our bed, crawling in the sheets among us. But if you really did have bed bugs — would you be able to tell?... Read More

a bed bug biting human skin

Professional Bed Bug Control Is The Way To Go For Your Salt Lake City Home


In our world, it’s often tempting to try to solve problems ourselves. It almost seems like the more noble thing to do; why ask for help when we can get the job done ourselves? And then there’s the other end of the spectrum: “If you want something done right, you’re probably going to have to pay for it.” Most people want to avoid that end of the spectrum at all costs.... Read More

a bed bug crawling on human skin

How Do Bed Bugs Get Into Salt Lake City Homes?


It’s not just dirty dorm rooms and filthy apartments that get bed bugs. The truth is, anyone can suffer from a bed bug infestation, no matter how clean and cautious you may be. Bed bugs can get into your home without you realizing it, and before long, you could be waking up with bites on your body.... Read More

a be dbug crawling on bedding

How To Tell If Your Phoenix Home Has A Bed Bug Problem


Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, for some of us, our beds aren’t a place of rest, but a source of anxiety. If you have bed bugs, a good night’s sleep is impossible to come by. Fortunately, bed bug infestations are quite common and treatable with professional help.... Read More


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