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earwig on wooden surface

Are Earwigs In Houston Dangerous?


An earwig is one creepy-looking bug. Heck, there are spiders that are more cute and cuddly. When you spot earwigs on your property, it’s easy to get a little freaked out. Just what are they doing with those giant pincers, anyway? Do they use the pincers to burrow through your ear into your brain and lay eggs, as their name suggests? Well, we’re happy to report that these pest insects look much scarier than they act... Read More

black widow making a web

The Trick To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your San Antonio Home


Spiders are some of the most dreaded pests. While they might not be as troublesome as common household bugs like ants and flies, their appearance and behavior cause lots of folks to freak out. Spiders might be polite guests, but you certainly didn’t invite them over. So, to keep unwanted arachnids at bay, you need to know the trick to keeping spiders out of your San Antonio home.... Read More

a wasp crawling on a piece of wood

Why Are There So Many Wasps In My Salt Lake City, UT Yard?


If there's one pest that can make your Salt Lake City yard a danger zone, it's wasps. Unfortunately, these flying pests plague many local homeowners. By understanding why wasps are invading your yard, you might be able to prevent them from taking over in the future.... Read More

bed bugs all over a mattress

All The Ways Bed Bugs Get Into Phoenix, AZ Homes


Your Phoenix home is vulnerable to an annoying pest that could cause you a major headache. Bed bugs are a common pest, and they're difficult to keep out. Learn more about how these parasitic pests end up in your home and how you can keep them out.... Read More

american dog tick biting skin

Denver, CO Property Owners' Ultimate Guide To Tick Control


You don't need to go on a hike to find a tick in Denver. Whether you're in your backyard or at the park, there could be ticks waiting to prey on you. Check out this guide on tick control and learn everything you need to know about protecting yourself from these pests.... Read More


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