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a mosquito biting a san antonio resident

What Smells Do San Antonio Mosquitoes Hate?


We might hate mosquitoes to our very core, but these little creatures have nothing but love for us! Mosquitoes are almost entirely reliant on human beings and other mammals for their reproductive life cycle. The warm weather, high presence of people, and mild winters commonly associated with San Antonio makes the area one of the biggest mosquito hot spots.... Read More

a wasp on its nest in salt lake city

How Dangerous Are Wasps In Salt Lake City? 


With pest season fast approaching, many of us are beginning to ask the question, “how dangerous are my backyard pests?” From ants to wildlife creatures and rodents to venomous snakes, there is quite a bit of variation stretching from one species to another. When it comes to these fearsome flying creatures, however, you may not be safe at all. ... Read More

pavement ants on fruit in denver

The Key To Effective Pavement Ant Control In Denver


Few things in life are quite as annoying as the humble Denver pavement ant. From sidewalks to driveways to everything in between, these tiny terrors create unseemly lawns, cracked concrete, and enough headaches to last a lifetime!... Read More

a mosquito biting a denver resident

The Answers To Denver's Most Common Mosquito Questions 


At White Knight Pest Control, we've had a lot of questions over the years about mosquitoes, their bites, and what to do about them.  Now that the summer season is back in full swing, we wanted to answer all of your pressing mosquito questions before populations spread too thickly. ... Read More


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