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termites crawling on wood

Are The Termites In Denver, CO Dangerous To Humans?


There are many pests in Denver, CO but only some of them are dangerous. Termites happen to be one of the local home invaders that don't cause much harm to humans. However, this doesn't mean that they are completely innocent.... Read More

a silverfish destroying books

Why Do I Have Silverfish In My Dallas, TX Home?


As a homeowner, you're likely familiar with the trials and troubles caused by common pests. Pests like mice, flies, and other pests are so common that it isn't shocking when we hear of someone dealing with these pests or even deal with them ourselves.... Read More

a bed bug biting a persons skin

Do Bed Bugs In Buda, TX Harm Cats & Dogs?


If there's one pest that makes everyone in the Buda, TX area nervous and ready to go to extreme measures to remove, it's bed bugs. These pests are well known for causing problems for people thanks to their small size and ability to hide in plain sight while biting us, but are they a threat to your pets.... Read More

a black widow spider in a web at night

What To Do About Spiders In Your Salado, TX Home


There are many pests to watch out for in your Salado home, but one of the most common is the spider. Some spider species are venomous and have been known to cause harm to people, which is why there is so much fear associated with this pest.... Read More


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