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up close image of a mosquito on a blade of grass

How You Could Be Wrong About Mosquitoes In Salt Lake City, UT


Mosquitoes are often said to be the most dangerous animal on the planet because of all the diseases they spread. Mosquitoes are a type of fly. They have six legs, wings and are usually dark in color. The female has an enlarged proboscis, so she can stab through the skin and drink blood. She cannot make eggs unless she has a blood meal first. Females eat nectar and pollen, too, but it is the blood meal that causes the problems. ... Read More

a termite chewing on wood

What You Should Know About Subterranean Termites In Salt Lake City, UT


Subterranean termites are the most common, and consequently, the most destructive type of termites to infest American homes and businesses. These hardworking bugs make their home underground, but when it comes to doing structural damage to your property, the sky is the limit. If you’ve got subterranean termites in Salt Lake City, the problem may be more serious than you think.... Read More

a mosquito on a blade of grass

Phoenix's Complete Mosquito Bite Treatment Guide


Everybody gets bitten by a mosquito sooner or later. It’s such a common occurrence that most of us don’t take the threat seriously. But the truth is that mosquito bites can be incredibly annoying, and knowing how to properly treat mosquito bites in Phoenix can make all the difference. ... Read More

a bed bug crawling and biting human skin

Phoenix, AZ Homeowners' Ultimate Bed Bug Prevention Guide


Have you noticed itchy bite marks on your arms and neck in the morning? It could be bed bugs. Once thought to be a thing of the past, bed bugs have made a serious resurgence in the U.S. in recent years and threaten homes and businesses alike. If you’re concerned with bed bugs on your Phoenix property, here’s what you need to know.... Read More

a house mouse crawling through a kitchen

How Dangerous Is It To Have Mice In My Denver, CO Home?


Noticed any holes in your cereal box? Hearing scratches in squeaks in the walls at night? Finding frayed wires and chewed-up belongings? Like thousands of Americans, you probably have mice. Having rodents can make your home life stressful, but just how dangerous is it to have mice in your Denver home?... Read More

an up close image of a brown recluse spider crawling on a wall

Six Simple Spider Control Tips For Austin, TX Property Owners


Spiders are typically not the worst pest you can get in your home, but so many people are so creeped out by them that they can’t stand the idea of having one in their house. Most of the time, the spiders we find in our homes aren’t dangerous. The United States only has three different spiders able to inflict medically significant bites – and none of them typically pose a mortal danger to healthy adults... Read More

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