A Guide To Effective Rat Control For Phoenix Property Owners

We have several rat species in Phoenix. Fortunately, most of them don't present a problem for Phoenix property owners. The two rat species that tend to make themselves pests in the United States are roof rats and Norway rats. In our area, Norway rats are not well established, but there have been many confirmed infestations because these rats are brought in regularly as hitchhikers from other areas, and they are exceptionally resilient animals. In Phoenix, the rats we deal with the most are roof rats. This is important to understand because roof rats and Norway rats are different.

Ways Roof Rats And Norway Rats Differ

rodent eating a banana
  • Norway rats tend to be brown, and roof rats tend to be black.

  • Norway rats prefer to live in ground burrows. Roof rats tend to live in nests above ground.

  • Norway rats usually go in and out of structures. Roof rats usually get inside and establish themselves.

  • Norway rats are more likely to take advantage of low entry points on Phoenix properties. Roof rats can get in through low points but are more inclined to exploit higher openings and vulnerabilities.

Ways All Rats Are The Same

  • An adult rat can fit through a hole the size of a quarter.

  • A rat can chew through wood, drywall, sheetrock, and other building materials.

  • A determined rat can chew through brick, concrete, and some aluminum.

  • Rats get into unprotected stored foods and live close to food sources.

  • Rats can feed on garbage and feces.

  • Rats are drawn to areas of a structure where there is moisture or water available.

  • When rats get into a structure, you aren't likely to find any mice in the structure. You'll have one or the other.

How Rat Control Works

The key to controlling rats and keeping them out of your Phoenix property is proper monitoring, exclusions, and maintenance. Let's consider these based on what we've talked about so far about rats.

  • It is important to be able to identify the particular rat (or mouse) you're finding in your Phoenix property. If you see a brown rat running around in your yard, you'll know to look for a hole where that rat is living. If you see a black rat in your yard, you'll know to examine your roofline, roof, and attic spaces for evidence of entry.

  • It is important to seal any holes you find, no matter how small.

  • It is important to locate areas that rats are chewing and reinforce those areas so they can't eventually create a pathway assuming they haven't done so already.

  • It is important to understand that rats chew on your home as they search for food. The more rats you have near your home, the more likely it is that you'll have rats getting inside. It is important to address exterior attractants, such as accessible garbage, dog dropping, pet food, birdseed, bugs, water resources, etc. Yard maintenance is also essential. Rats prefer a yard that is overgrown with vegetation and that has plenty of hiding places.


The tips we've given so far can help you reduce rat activity around your property and prevent rats from getting inside, but what do you do if you have a rat infestation? When rats get in, trapping is the best way to get them out. Traps do a few things:

  • They directly reduce the number of rats inside your property.

  • They help to determine if any rats are still active in your property.

  • They can maintain ongoing population reduction around your property.

Rats aren't easily trapped. You need the right traps and knowledge of how to deploy them effectively. It is best to have a licensed pest management professional handle this for you. Not only do trained professionals apply traps in a strategic and effective manner, but they also leverage their knowledge of rat habitat preferences, behavior patterns, and the warning signs they leave, in order to make sure there are no rats left. Traps help with monitoring rat activity, but should never be trusted to determine whether or not a structure is still infested.

Rat Control In Phoenix

If you need help with rodent control in Phoenix, our trained and experienced pest professionals know the most effective way to handle rat infestation. Reach out to White Knight Pest Control today for immediate assistance.