Five Easy And Effective Wasp Prevention Tips For Phoenix Properties

a swarm of wasps on an eaten apple

After months of cold weather, strong wind, and generally unpleasant cold snaps, those of us in Phoenix have finally come back around to the dreaded wasp season. 

The wasp family is a fairly large one, including all sorts of stinging insects from all corners of the globe. The much talked about giant Asian hornet is a valued member of this copious family, as well as the European hornet, the paper wasp, the mud dauber, the cicada killer, and even the famous yellow jacket. If you have not been stung by one of these vicious pests, consider yourself lucky. For many of the home and business owners around the Phoenix area, wasps are a very real and very common threat. 
While most of us are rather uncomfortable by the summertime arrival of these backyard bugs, the wasp family is incredibly beneficial to Mother Nature. Not only do they pollinate fruit and vegetable plants, but they help to eliminate dangerous crop bugs or agricultural pests that put yearly yields in danger. Encouraging biodiversity in your lawn is always recommended, but wasps, in particular, should be both unwelcome and unsupported in their quest to conquer your backyard area.

You will probably spot wasp, hornet, or similar stinging insect activity by noticing the following factors:

  • Large grey nests that appear underneath eaves, large tree branches, or around thick shrubbery or vegetation. 
  • Sizable flying insects with wings that are larger than their bodies. 
  • Black and yellow striped bugs with oval like compound eyes. 

Fortunately for those of us in Phoenix, a little bit of prevention can significantly reduce your chances for infestation this summer. Here are five of the easiest and most effective prevention tips for the reduction of wasp populations. 

Protecting Your Phoenix Home From Wasps Is As Easy As ABC

While wasp prevention is best done as early in the year as possible, there are still some steps you can take during the summertime to reduce potential wasp attractant factors. 
If you can’t quite remember all the different methods of stinging insect prevention, follow the ABCDE acronym. 

  • Avoid certain plants that attract wasps. 
  • Become aware of your food and trash storage situations.
  • Certify that no fruit trees are dropping overripe or rotted fruit on the ground. Clear these areas as soon as possible. 
  • Determine to focus on your landscaping to reduce pest activity. Mow the lawn frequently, prune trees often, and do not allow any part of the lawn to grow ‘wild.’ 
  • Eliminate all potholes or dips in the yard that could be retaining moisture. This includes low points or vernal pools!

Wasp prevention is best completed long before the pests make their way to your home. Should these pests already be present on your property, a different tactic will be necessary. Please contact the team at White Knight Pest Control for access to a complimentary wasp inspection right now.

Remove It Right, Trust The White Knights

Wasp prevention is difficult, but wasp elimination is almost impossible – for home and business owners, that is. To get more wasp prevention assistance, or to schedule the safe removal of an active nest around your Phoenix property, please contact the professionals at White Knight Pest Control today.

Our crew of handpicked and highly trained bugsperts is tasked with keeping your home pest-free all year long. We employ many pest treatments and products to help us do our jobs effectively, and can guarantee the safe management of your property for years to come. Reach out to your local Phoenix office at White Knight Pest Control for the pest control treatments you deserve!