The Trick To Keeping Mice Out Of Your Salt Lake City Home

house mouse inside

Sometimes it seems as though pests are only here to torment us; some pose a physical threat to our health and well-being, some are capable of spreading diseases, and some can do significant damage to your property. Mice do all of the above, on top of reproducing quickly, so what may start as a small problem fast becomes a big one. It’s very difficult to eradicate mice after they’ve overrun your Salt Lake City home, so you must have a preventive mindset. Get an understanding of what it takes to hinder these animals and how White Knight Pest Control can be of assistance. 

What Mice Are Common in Salt Lake City? What Are The Risks?

House mice are the most common invaders of human dwellings, hence their name. House mice are around seven inches long, with short black, gray, or brown fur. Being two-toned, their stomachs are a lighter hue. Their bodies are so pliable, they can fit through a hole that’s ½ of an inch around. If they so happen to have trouble passing through, they’ll shred apart the opening with their teeth. Then, they’ll go to a dark, warm, and damp place where they aren’t likely to be disturbed. Examples are foundation voids, cabinets, and basements. Your residence will be prone to intrusions by house mice if it’s not far from grassy or woody land.

To keep their fast-growing teeth low, house mice will gnaw on anything they can find. Typically, drywall and cords are a target. As you might’ve concluded already, this means potential for visible structural damage. There’s also a chance of an electrical fire, or another major complication. In regard to human health, mice have parasites that they carry on their hairs, and bacteria in their feces, urine, and saliva. Further, these animals frequent dirty settings, spending time in trash cans and cesspits. This doesn’t bode well for interior food and surfaces; they can easily be contaminated. Consequently, you could become ill with hantavirus, salmonellosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, or another disease.

Infestation indicators include:  

  • Noticing rod-like feces with blunt ends lying about
  • Seeing footprints with four front tips and five back toes 
  • Hearing scratching and squeaking from inside walls
  • Finding teeth imprints on walls and wires
  • Smelling unpleasant odors that are consistent

What Can Be Done to Prevent Mice? 

You have to make sure your home isn’t an ideal environment for mice. Remember that these pests are constantly searching for shelter, warmth, food, and water. To keep them out, you have to make sure it's not easy for them to enter. Here’s what’s needed to thwart mice: 

  • Remove or reduce clutter. 
  • Thoroughly clean the kitchen and wash dishes often.
  • Vacuum carpets, and sweep and mop floors routinely. 
  • Use only secure canisters for your food and trash storage. Don’t forget pet food and bird seed. 
  • Don’t leave leaks and moisture malfunctions unresolved. 
  • Seal gaps in doors, windows, and foundations. Use caulk, steel wool, and other materials mice can’t bite through. Be advised they can chew through plastic and rubber. 
  • Rinse out drains and gutters regularly. 
  • Distance plants from the property, and keep the grass cut. 

How Does White Knight Pest Control Exterminate Mice?

Many homeowners buy mouse traps, but those are designed to kill individual mice, so they won’t do anything to eradicate an infestation. Plus, they have to be strategically set in hard-to-reach places. The specially trained technicians at White Knight Pest Control will find the infestation, pinpoint how mice are accessing your home, and use professional-grade products that will get to and eliminate mouse nests. Our solutions are safe for the environment, humans, and pets. You can call us today!