The Best Way To Protect Your Salt Lake City, UT Property From Mosquitoes

a mosquito perched on a green leaf

They're large, they're annoying, and they're dangerous. Mosquitoes in Salt Lake City, UT can make your home or business an unsafe and uncomfortable place. Find out more about what you can do to protect your property from these pests. 

The Two Methods Of Mosquito Control

When it comes to mosquito control, there are two possible approaches. You can take a do-it-yourself (DIY) method of mosquito prevention, or you can rely on a professional pest control technician. If you choose to use a DIY approach, you save money upfront. But, in the long run, your attempts could cost you. Most at-home methods of mosquito control don't work. 

For instance, some property owners use bug zappers to keep mosquitoes at bay. The zappers kill some insects in Salt Lake City, but they aren't very effective. You'll end up still needing to slather on the bug spray. Citronella candles and tiki torches also fail to be effective. There are a few things you can do on your own to keep these pests away, but they won't be enough to provide you with complete protection. To truly be safe from mosquitoes, you need to work with a professional mosquito control technician.

Things You Can Do On Your Own For Mosquito Control

If you want to take steps to keep mosquitoes from taking over your property, you should consider doing all of the following:

  • Remove Standing Water: Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, which means your puddles and empty pots could harbor mosquito larvae. If you don't remove standing water from your yard, it won't be long before you have mosquitoes everywhere. To make it more difficult for these pests to breed, remove debris and objects that catch water. After a rainfall, check for drainage issues with your gutters and roof. If you notice any puddles, determine the cause of them and address the issues. In some cases, puddles form because there are leaks in spigots or irrigation systems.
  • Trim The Hedges: If you have overgrown hedges or bushes, the leaves create high humidity. The environment is ideal for mosquitoes. To make your property less appealing for these pests, keep your hedges trim and tidy. After you cut your bushes, be sure to dispose of the debris properly.
  • Check Your Screens: Screens won't keep mosquitoes out of your yard but will ensure they stay outside your Salt Lake City home or business. Look for rips in your screens and repair them as needed.
  • Reduce Flowering Vegetation: Although female mosquitoes get their nutrition from blood, males feed on nectar. Therefore, they seek out the flowers in your yard. Keep your flowering plants as far from your living areas as possible. If you want to maximize your effort, plant mosquito-repelling plants like lemongrass, citronella, and basil. While this and other methods may be somewhat effective, they won't give you ultimate protection. After all, you can't eliminate all the moisture from your yard or get rid of all your vegetation. You need additional assistance, and that means calling in an expert.

What An Expert Can Do

With a professional by your side, you can rest easy and know that your property is protected from mosquitoes. A trained pestcontrol technician has the training and tools needed to keep your home or business safe. They have access to the most effective tools and resources for pest prevention. 

Here at White Knight Pest Control, we use a personalized approach to mosquito control. First, we evaluate your property. Once we understand the issues you're facing, we can come up with a customized approach. Our method of mosquito control is more effective than any DIY method and allows you to enjoy your yard without experiencing constant bites. Contact White Knight Pest Control today to get started.