How You May Be Wrong About Bed Bugs In Austin

bed bug

In the 1960s and ’70s, thanks to an increase in certain pesticides, it seemed as if bed bugs were wiped out for good. However, over the last ten to fifteen years, they have made quite the resurgence. As such, people are striving to know all that they can about these small parasites so that they can better protect their homes from infestations. Unfortunately, as people seek more and more information, they run the risk of coming across misinformation about bed bugs — bed bug myths, if you will. As such, we here at White Knight Pest Control would like to set the record straight for Austin residents. Here’s the reality about bed bugs that you should know so that you can keep your property free of these tenacious pests. 

Myth: Bed Bugs Are Too Small To See

Reality: Although bed bugs are small, they are not too small to see. In fact, seeing bed bugs in your home is one of the easiest ways to identify an infestation. Bed bugs have small, flat, teardrop-shaped bodies that are comparable to apple seeds due to their shape and reddish-brown coloring. Their bodies will swell up and turn a deep reddish-purple, however, after they have fed on blood. 

Myth: Bed Bugs Are A Result Of Poor Hygiene Or A Dirty Home

Reality: One of the biggest myths about bed bugs is that their infestations have anything to do with personal hygiene or the cleanliness of a home. The truth is, any home is at risk of a bed bug infestation. That’s because bed bugs don’t seek out certain homes and avoid others; they can infest any home into which they are brought. More often than not, humans bring the bed bugs inside our homes after picking them up somewhere out in the world. 

Myth: Bed Bugs Spread Disease

Reality: Even though many parasitic pests spread diseases, bed bugs are not one of them. However, that doesn’t mean bed bugs don’t come without their share of problems. For instance, if a bed bug infestation grows too large, or persists for too long a time, it can lead to anemia. Additionally, bed bug infestations have been known to cause insomnia in people whose homes are affected, and people have been known to incur secondary infections after scratching itchy bed bug bites. 

Myth: Bed Bugs Only Hang Out Around Beds

Reality: While it is true that bed bugs get their name from the fact that they like to hang out around beds, that is not the only place you will find bed bugs. In fact, you can find bed bugs in upholstered furniture, rugs, carpets, curtains, inside of appliances, and behind electrical outlets. Bed bugs can even infest businesses without beds. Bed bugs have been known to get inside of office buildings, living in keyboards and carpets. So, although a bed bug infestation may begin around a bed, it will spread throughout a home or business if it is not dealt with promptly. 

Myth: You Can Get Rid Of Bed Bugs On Your Own

Reality: Bed bugs are tenacious pests that can live in all areas of a home or business. As such, it requires special knowledge and experience to effectively eliminate them from a property. Without this, you’ll most likely waste time, money, and energy trying to get rid of them, only to find that they are still infesting your home. That’s why the professionals at White Knight Pest Control have a Bed Bug Treatment Plan specifically designed to effectively eliminate bed bugs from any property, so that you don’t have to lose any more sleep over these unwanted parasites. Give us a call today.