What To Do About Carpenter Ants Around Your Fort Worth Property

carpenter ant in basement

Did you know that termites aren’t the only pest in Fort Worth that can destroy the wooden structures around your property? While you've likely heard about the risks and problems that a termite infestation can cause, you might not know much about carpenter ants. These small ants may not look very formidable, but they can cause a great deal of property damage as they tunnel through the wood around your home or business.

Carpenter ants are a winged ant species that are dark brown to black in color. They have a single node or “waist” that attaches their abdomen to their thorax, unlike many other species that have two nodes. And, while they don’t eat through the wood as termites do, they will burrow into wood items to build their nests. So, even if they use wood for different purposes than termites do, they can still cause structural damage to your property making them a serious pest problem.

Just How Destructive Are Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter ants can do similar kinds and amounts of damage as termites can. They could end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs over time. Like termites, these ants can ruin all kinds of wooden items including flooring, walls, support beams, decks, and furniture. Their colonies can quickly grow out of control as they reproduce quickly. Additionally, because they nest inside of wood, it can be difficult to identify carpenter ants right away.

Along with the destruction they cause, carpenter ants can also contaminate food sources just like other ant species. While they aren’t known to spread any particular diseases, they are drawn to both people and pet food. Any food that they come in contact with does need to be thrown out as it could still be unsafe to eat.

Can You Remove Carpenter Ants On Your Own?

As a property owner, you have a lot of problems to deal with and a lot of upkeep to do to keep your home or business safe and looking good. You might assume that handling infestations of carpenter ants on your own is the best and cheapest way to prevent and remove them, but this is usually not the case.

This species is quite prolific and adaptable, and it can be nearly impossible to remove them using DIY methods. While you can eliminate some of the ants, you’re unlikely to get the entire infestation. This is because carpenter ants can burrow into so many out-of-sight and difficult to reach places around your property. So, even if you think you’ve eradicated them all, it’s usually not long before more turn up. Over time, you’ll waste precious time and money as you have to keep buying products to remove these ants without complete success.

How Can You Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants?

While it’s often a losing game to try to remove carpenter ants on your own, there is one sure way to both prevent and remove these destructive pests. The professionals at White Knight Pest Control provide ongoing residential and commercial pest control plans to keep your property protected from carpenter ants.

Instead of wasting your time and resources and getting more and more frustrated with carpenter ant problems, let us provide exceptional pest control you can rely on. Learn more by contacting us today by phone or online. We even offer free estimates to make it easy and affordable for you to start protecting your home.