What Salado Business Owners Ought To Know About Bed Bugs

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They’re itchy, they’re nasty and they’re far more common than you might think -- we’re talking about bed bugs. These parasitic pests have plagued homes and businesses alike for centuries, which is why it pays to know what to watch for and how to respond accordingly.

The Truth About Bed Bugs

Most people think that bed bugs only infest mattresses, or that they only target dirty properties, but the reality is far more complicated. The truth is that bed bugs can infest a wide range of properties and contaminate all kinds of items. Here are just some of the many common items that bed bugs will target as easy places to nest and wait for nighttime.

  • Furniture: Just like beds, furniture provides a cushioned environment for bed bugs to hunker down and wait for people or pets to come along and feed on.
  • Clothing: Clothes are another easy target for bed bugs, which can be found in closets or inside of coats.
  • Carpeting: Rugs and carpeting are other places where bed bugs can be found, especially their eggs, which they like to hide on the undersides of rugs.

How Bed Bugs Spread

Not only can bed bugs infest a range of items, but they can also spread easily from place to place. That’s because bed bugs are essentially hitchhikers, lying in wait for people or items to get set nearby so they cling to fibers and catch a ride from their hosts. It’s this behavior that makes bed bugs so intrinsically tied to human activity, and why they can easily spread throughout public spaces and residential areas alike. All of the following are common hotspots for bed bug activity:

  • Hotels: It stands to reason that a place with lots of beds can attract lots of bed bugs, especially since people travel from all over the world and can bring contaminated items with them.
  • Gyms: Every gym has a laundry room full of towels and other fabrics, a perfect target for bed bugs.
  • Offices: It may not seem like it at first glance, but office complexes also usually have plenty of furniture and closets for bed bugs to nest in once they’re carried in by unsuspecting employees or clients.
  • Transit hubs: Airports, bus stations, and other public transit areas are another place where the sheer volume of human traffic leads to a high risk of bed bugs spreading.

Signs Of Commercial Bed Bugs

Suffice it to say, bed bugs can be found in virtually any commercial space, because humans themselves carry everything that attracts bed bugs, including our own blood. What’s more important is to know how to spot the signs of bed bug activity, so you can act quickly to clamp down on it before it spreads:

  • Bites: Unfortunately, the first and only sign many people get that bed bugs are about is often the grossest, the bite marks they leave behind. If people suddenly start reporting itchy red welts, bed bugs may be the culprit.
  • Eggs: Spotting the tiny, cream-colored eggs isn’t easy, because adult bed bugs tend to hide them well. That said, eggs are a sign that a population has not only moved in but likely have been there for some time.
  • Stains: Another sign of bed bug activity is the yellow stains that they leave behind in fabrics after their eggs hatch or after they grow and shed their skins. For that matter, finding their skin sheds themselves is another sure sign.

Contact Professionals Right Away

The bottom line is that smart business owners know that general pest control is better than having to address infestations as they crop up. Not only should you partner with local pest experts for general inspections and prevention measures, but you should also contact them right away if you notice the signs of bed bugs. At White Knight Pest Control, our trained technicians know all the places that bed bugs like to hide and how to fully root out their populations. Not only can our thorough inspections help clue you into pest dangers before they grow out of control, but we can also quickly clamp down on bed bugs if they do ever manage to slip in. That kind of fast response is what saves businesses from loss of reputation -- and business.

Protect your bottom line with assistance from White Knight Pest Control by contacting us today.