All The Ways Bed Bugs Get Into Phoenix, AZ Homes

bed bugs all over a mattress

Your Phoenix home is vulnerable to an annoying pest that could cause you a major headache. Bed bugs are a common pest, and they're difficult to keep out. Learn more about how these parasitic pests end up in your home and how you can keep them out.

Anyone Is Susceptible To Bed Bugs

Before you learn more about how bed bugs in Phoenix get inside your property, you should know that they don't only end up in dirty homes. You could have the cleanest home on the block but still, have bed bugs. Unlike cockroaches and ants, bed bugs don't need your crumbs to survive - they only need your blood.

This is where the problem lies. Because bed bugs only need a human or animal host to survive, they find every home in Phoenix appealing. They can even live for months without a meal, so an empty home could be full of bed bugs. If you aren't proactive about bed bug prevention, you might be the next site of an infestation.

How Do Bed Bugs Get In?

Now that you know more about why bed bugs come inside, you might wonder how they get there. There are several ways in which these annoying pests can end up in your home such as:

  • Hitchhiking Around: The primary mode of bed bug travel is hitchhiking. Although these pests are capable of crawling, they don't cover long distances. They prefer to travel around on items, moving from one home to another. Bed bugs are most often found in places where people sleep or travel. If you're at an airport, bed bugs could make their way onto your suitcase or jacket. When you stay at a hotel, the same problem can occur. Unknowingly, you may be the one bringing bed bugs into your home. Any guests who visit you have the potential to do the same. At times, bed bugs are hiding in second-hand items. Bed bugs like to hide in headboards, furniture, and appliances. If you buy a used piece of furniture or clothing with bed bugs in it, your home will soon be home to an infestation.
  • Crawling Into Your Home: While most bed bug infestations begin with a hitchhiking insect, there is another way your problem can start. If you live in an apartment building, a bed bug could crawl from your neighbor's residence into yours. These pests' small size makes them able to crawl under small gaps under doors and around windows.

Ways To Keep Bed Bugs Out

Due to the variety of ways in which bed bugs can sneak into your home, preventing them is difficult. You can try a few things to keep bed bugs out by:

  • Keeping Baggage Off The Ground: If you go to an airport or a hotel, keep your luggage off the ground and away from walls. This isn't always possible but is an effective way to limit the chance of bed bugs following you home.
  • Removing Clothes And Laundering Them After Travelling: After you travel, take the time to remove and wash your clothes before you enter your home. If any unwanted guests are on your clothing, they'll be stopped in their tracks.
  • Check Items For Bed Bugs: When you buy used items, look for signs of bed bugs. You might see small insects that resemble apple seeds, eggs, or shed skins.

The Key To Prevention

The best way to protect your Phoenix home from bed bugs is to partner with a professional bed bug exterminator in Phoenix. Here at White Knight Pest Control, you can trust us to eliminate bed bugs from your property. We have been serving residential and commercial customers since2006. Our team can handle an infestation quickly and effectively, so call us today at White Knight Pest Control for a free estimate.