A Handy Guide To Scorpion Control For Dallas Property Owners

a bark scorpion crawling on the ground

Scorpions are fearsome predators who deliver a deadly sting to incapacitate their victims. Luckily, human beings are too big to be seriously affected by most scorpion stings, and we definitely aren’t on the menu for these creepy arthropods. But a scorpion sting can still cause medical complications and can be deadly for those who are allergic to scorpion stings. If you’ve ever found a scorpion in your home or just want to make sure that you never have to, here’s what you need to know about scorpions in Dallas.

What To Know About Scorpions In Dallas

There are over 100 species of scorpion in the U.S., but only one can be found in Dallas, the striped bark scorpion. Striped bark scorpions are responsible for thousands of stings every year, with most people mistakenly stepping on the critters and provoking them to sting.

Identifying Striped Bark Scorpions

Striped bark scorpions typically measure about 2 inches in length, are dusty yellow in coloration, and have two distinct dark stripes running vertically down their backs. Their twin pincers are used for catching prey, while their long stinger is packed with a powerful neurotoxin. Striped bark scorpions are rarely deadly to humans, but their formidable sting is reason enough to fear them. A sting from a striped bark scorpion can cause swelling and intense pain at the site of injection.

Why Scorpions Enter Your Property

The striped bark scorpion, like most scorpions, prefers a cool, damp environment to live in. As desert creatures, they naturally seek refuge from the heat of the day and hunt at night. Moist soil, rotting logs, and piles of leaves and other natural debris are all prime real estate for a striped bark scorpion.
But when the weather becomes too hot and cool, moist hiding spots disappear, scorpions outside your property will be tempted to find their way indoors. Striped bark scorpions are great climbers, able to ascend the sheer vertical surface of your walls, and they can squeeze through small openings under windows, doors, and pipes.
If your yard has lots of insect activity, it can be especially attractive to scorpions. With reliable food and shelter, they will hide out indoors during the day and prowl your property at night in search of prey like spiders and flies. Their nocturnal lifestyle can make a scorpion infestation difficult to notice, as many homeowners will never see the scorpions in their homes during the day. Call the experts at White Knight Pest Control for an inspection today!

How To Protect Your Property From Scorpions

Nobody wants to get stung by a scorpion, let alone in their own home. If you’ve spotted striped bark scorpions on your property or suspect you may have a scorpion problem, here are some ways you can keep them out of your house:

  • Clean Up Your Yard: Make sure that there’s nowhere that scorpions can hide on your property. Get rid of all yard waste like piles of grass or leaves, mounds of mulch, piles of firewood, and stones where scorpions find shelter.
  • Seal Points Of Entry: Locate any cracks or holes around the outside of your house where scorpions may be coming in and seal with caulk. Repair and tears in window screens and make sure weather stripping around doors is intact.
  • Keep Doors Closed: A garage is a great place for a scorpion to hide out in. Make sure to keep your garage door closed along with any other entrances inside your home.

Store-bought insecticides are rarely effective against scorpions and taking precautions to protect your home might not be enough. If you have a scorpion problem, try the professional solution. At White Knight Pest Control, we will work with you to develop a plan to eliminate scorpions from your property. If you’ve got scorpions in your Dallas home, don’t wait; get in touch with us today for effective pest control services to get rid of scorpions!