Why Professional Mosquito Control Is The Way To Go For Your Salado Property

a mosquito biting a human hand

When you think of the deadliest animal in the world, you probably imagine some hulking tooth-filled predator. A ferocious grizzly bear or a massive great white shark. You think of all the animals that we as human beings have evolved to fear. But teeth and claws aren’t always the most lethal weapons. The world’s deadliest creature isn’t an apex predator, it’s a small parasitic insect, the mosquito.

Mosquitoes cause the spread of epidemic diseases like malaria, Zika virus, dengue fever, and West Nile virus in human populations. On average, diseases transmitted from mosquitoes result in 750,000 deaths a year worldwide. While most mosquito bites are harmless, a large population of mosquitoes can be a threat to your health. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to control mosquitoes on your own. That’s why if you need professional mosquito control in Salado to help. Call White Knight Pest Control today!

About Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are blood-feeding insects that thrive near areas of still water. While males survive by drinking nectar, it’s only female mosquitoes who drink blood. Mosquitoes locate their victims by tracking carbon dioxide in the air and by detecting the warmth of the victim’s blood. Most mosquito bites will result in an annoying itch, but depending on the species, a mosquito could also be carrying a deadly virus.

How To Protect Your Salado Property From Mosquitoes

Like other outdoor parasitic pests such as ticks, it’s best to avoid mosquitoes as much as possible. But if you’ve got a mosquito problem on your property, there are ways you can help to control the problem:

  • Locate and empty any sources of standing water. Mosquitoes need still water to breed and grow their eggs but don’t need very much. Check for buckets, flowerpots, birdbaths, and puddles full of water where mosquitoes may be breeding.
  • Maintain your yard. Mosquitoes thrive in overgrown grass and garden areas. When they aren’t swarming over stagnant water, mosquitoes are often hiding out in the vegetation. Cutting the lawn and trimming the hedges gives mosquitoes fewer places to congregate.
  • Enlist natural predators to eat mosquitoes. Bats are voracious eaters, able to consume thousands of mosquitoes in a single night. Try installing bat houses on your property. Or, if you’ve got a pond where mosquitoes are breeding, consider introducing mosquito-eating fish to control the population.

Get The Professional Solution With White Knight Pest Control

While you can help control the mosquito population on your property, you won’t be able to completely contain it by yourself. That’s why you need a professional solution from White Knight Pest Control.White Knight Pest Control has a comprehensive mosquito control program to eliminate the presence of mosquitoes from your property.
This two-step program consists of eliminating sites where mosquitoes breed and monthly pest control treatments to suppress the mosquito population:

  • Eliminating Mosquito Breeding Sites
  • First, a White Knight Pest Control technician will come to your property and identify all locations where mosquitoes may be breeding. If standing water can’t be drained or emptied, we will treat still water with insecticide to kill eggs and larvae and prevent future mosquitoes from developing.

Controlling The Mosquito Population

Next, our technicians will spray outdoor areas of your property with our mosquito treatment. This mist will penetrate through any dense vegetation, eliminating mosquitoes where they hide. Treatment is good for up to 30 days, after which time we'll return to perform another treatment to suppress the mosquito population on your property.
Mosquitoes are flying insects, and as such, they aren’t restricted to the borders of your property. New mosquitoes can still enter your yard even if the old population has been exterminated. That’s why it’s important to continue regular mosquito control treatments with White Knight Pest Control. If mosquitoes are a concern for you and your family, contact White Knight Pest Control to learn how we can help solve your mosquito problem today.