How To Keep Termites Away From Your Salt Lake City Property

A group of termites infesting a home.

While there are over 2,000 known termite species in the world, there are just a couple of species in Salt Lake City that residents have to worry about. Most people know that termites eat wood and cause property damage; however, there are a lot of differences between termite species, and knowing the differences can be crucial to managing an infestation.

Two Types of Termites Common in Utah

It’s important to know the difference between termites to know how to identify them, where to look for damage, and how to prevent them. The two types of termites in this area reside in different locations around the home, cause different types of damage, and leave different kinds of clues as to their whereabouts. 

Eastern Subterranean Termites:

  • Creamy white to dark brown and black
  • Up to 1/2 an inch long
  • Long, narrow, and oval-shaped bodies
  • Worker termites have milk-colored wings
  • Soldiers are wider, flatter, and have larger jaws
  • Create mud tubes on the outside of the home
  • Can cause blistering, swelling, and hollowing of wood
  • They build their nests underground, so wood closest in proximity to soil is at the highest risk of being damaged.

Drywood Termites:

  • Creamy white to light brown
  • Up to an inch long
  • Long, narrow, and oval-shaped
  • Prefer to nest in wood shingles, siding, attic timbers, or eaves
  • Create galleries along the grooves of the wood that can blister when close to the surface
  • Swarm around exit holes usually after a rise in temperature

Regardless of which type you have, if you see signs of an infestation, they’ve probably already been doing damage to your home.

How To Prevent Termites

Both drywood and subterranean termites find the same things appealing, just on a different spectrum. The moisture of the wood and its proximity to their chosen nest locations are two important factors in whether they choose your home. Because these factors are fairly predictable, there are ways to prevent infestations by making your home an unappealing target.

  • Keep dry timbers painted or stained.
  • Keep bushes and trees away from windows and roofs.
  • Seal all cracks and holes around the exterior of the home with silicon-based caulk.
  • Check second-hand furniture purchases for signs of termite damage before bringing it into the house.
  • Keep woodpiles at least twenty feet away from your home.
  • Create distance between soil and the bottoms of steps, doors, and windows.
  • Maintain pipes and landscaping to avoid water accumulation.
  • Keep moist areas like crawl spaces properly ventilated, or use a dehumidifier.
  • Don’t bury wood scraps in the yard, and maintain it, so debris does not accumulate.

Unfortunately, by the time you see shed wings, feces, and damaged wood, you’re already dealing with an infestation. 

White Knight Pest Control Can Keep Your Salt Lake Property Safe

Because early detection is so important in preventing termite damage, regular visits from a pest control professional are the best means of prevention. Not only can you trust White Knight with regular maintenance of your home, but our 40,000 satisfied homeowners across the U.S. can also testify that we can give you your home back from invaders like termites. Our 15-point protection system will cover every inch of your home and surrounding property to ensure we aren’t missing anything. Call White Knight Pest Control or visit us online for a free estimate.